PCEF Newsletter Issue 1: How the Climate Investment Plan advances an equitable, resilient Portland

Earlier this summer, PCEF shared a draft of the Climate Investment Plan – a five-year road map to fund more community-led clean energy projects and climate solutions in Portland.

Incorporating multiple rounds of input from community, nonprofits, business, and public partners, the final CIP prioritizes programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen communities hit first and worst by climate change.

How the Climate Investment Plan advances an equitable, resilient Portland

Climate Investment Plan document front cover

This plan is one of the core strategies for reducing carbon emissions in Portland, supporting the Climate Emergency Workplan. Over the next five years, PCEF will invest more than $750 million to make our neighborhoods healthier and address the impacts of climate change, including:

  • Lowering energy bills for families and local businesses.
  • Making it easier to get around by walking, biking, and taking public transit.
  • Creating more shade from trees in the neighborhoods most vulnerable to heat.
  • Training workers and job seekers to access higher-paying careers in industries that benefit our environment.

The Climate Investment Plan is our road map to taking climate action that is rooted in economic opportunity and racial justice. When we invest in our communities, we invest in our future.

Next up: City Council review

  • The PCEF Committee—made up of nine community volunteers—has recommended the Climate Investment Plan to City Council.
  • City Council will review the plan and is expected to announce approval or recommend revisions on September 20, 2023.

Learn more about the Climate Investment Plan and stay up to date with the latest news on our website.