PCEF addresses effects of extreme heat on vulnerable communities with new grant opportunity

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New Heat Response Program offers nonprofits serving low-income and BIPOC communities a chance to distribute and install portable heat pump/cooling units for vulnerable households.

The extreme heat events of June 2021 stressed, harmed and killed vulnerable Oregonians living without air conditioning. And the news of households suffering emphasized the need to provide vulnerable Portlanders with access to cooling in their homes.

The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund Heat Response Program was developed to meet this need. In alignment with PCEF goals and code, this new grant offering provides under-represented Portlanders a chance to access efficient portable heat pump/cooling equipment. Local nonprofit organizations will collaborate to deliver and install the equipment in people’s homes, providing a much-needed public service.

Portable heat pump/cooling units are high-efficiency devices that can both cool and heat a space like a living room or bedroom. They may be mounted directly in a window, similar to traditional window air conditioning units, or on caster wheels with exhaust tubing connected to a window. They use less energy than traditional air conditioning units, which means lower energy bills for the people who will receive them.

Two grant opportunities

Two new grant opportunities are now available for nonprofits to provide efficient portable heat pump/cooling devices to people with low incomes and communities of color. This grant program is distinct and different from the 2021 PCEF grant funding round, and the PCEF Mini Grant Program. Eligible organizations are able to apply for multiple grant programs.

Within the PCEF Heat Response Program, PCEF is seeking proposals from nonprofits for two roles/efforts:

  1. Equipment purchasing partner: One nonprofit organization will be selected to coordinate the centralized purchase of a range of portable heat pump/cooling units, manage equipment delivery to contracted community distribution partners, and provide logistics and technical assistance.
  2. Community distribution partner: Several nonprofit organizations will be selected to distribute and install portable heat pump/cooling equipment, provide information about how to use the devices, and potentially install basic weatherization kits.

Interested nonprofits can review the grant schedule below. Click here to register for an information session to learn more.

Grant schedule

RFP for Equipment Purchasing Partner:

  • Released: Oct. 13, 2021
  • Applications due: Oct. 27, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Selection: Early November 2021

RFP for Community Distribution Partners:

  • Released: Week of Oct.18, 2021
  • Applications due: Nov. 30, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Selection: December. 2021

Learn more about PCEF’s special heat response grant offering.