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Portland City Council to formally appoint nominees to the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund Committee

Press Release
Commissioners to vote on their nominees Wednesday, September 25 at 3:30 p.m


Eden Dabbs

L: 503-823-9908 / C: 503-260-3301

Damon Motz-Storey (PCEF community coalition comment)

C: 303-913-5634

Media advisory

WHAT: Formal appointment of initial five (of nine) PCEF Fund Committee members by City Council

WHO: The following five community members have been nominated by members of City Council:

Ted Wheeler: Maria Gabrielle Sipin

Amanda Fritz: Megan Horst  

Nick Fish: Michael David Edden Hill

Jo Ann Hardesty: Shanice Brittany Clarke

Chloe Eudaly: Robin Wang

As required by the community-led ballot measure that created PCEF, membership of this committee will reflect the racial, ethnic and economic diversity of the City of Portland, include at least two residents living east of 82nd Ave and possess significant experience in the types of projects supported by the fund, including residential and commercial renewable energy/energy efficiency, workforce development, promoting minority and women-owned businesses, local food and green infrastructure, and innovative financing tools.

These five appointments will run for four years, ending on September 25, 2023. Upon confirmation, they will work to recommend four additional appointments for two-year terms.  

WHEN: Wednesday, September 25, 3:30 p.m., time certain

WHERE: Portland City Hall, 1221 SW Fourth Ave

WHY: The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits initiative was passed by 65% of voters in November 2018. It will provide a consistent, long-term funding source and oversight structure to ensure that the City of Portland’s Climate Action Plan is implemented in a manner that supports social, economic and environmental benefits for all Portlanders, particularly communities of color and low-income residents. The initiative was supported by a broad coalition of groups and individuals and represents the first environmental initiative in Oregon led by communities of color.

PCEF is anticipated to bring $54 – $71 million annually in new revenue for living wage jobs, sustainable agriculture, green infrastructure, and residential/commercial renewable and efficiency projects in the Portland area, including the development of a diverse and well-trained workforce and contractor pool in the field of clean energy. Bringing together a diverse grant committee is the first of several milestones involving community members to prepare for PCEF’s first grant cycle anticipated to begin in Spring 2020.

After the initiative passed, it was codified in Portland City Code Chapter 7.07, including a requirement to establish a Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund Committee. For the first Committee, each City Council member (including the Mayor) nominated a Committee member and those five Committee members, once appointed, shall then recommend four additional members to the Mayor for appointment. Over 100 applicants applied to the sit on the committee and were evaluated by community members and city staff. The evaluation criteria were based on their depth of experience in key areas and demonstrated commitment to Climate Action Plan goals and community empowerment.

The Committee will be tasked with reviewing applications for funding and awarding grants for community clean energy projects. It will also maintain a public website of information on the committee’s activities, membership, and policies. Upon completion of a committee member’s term of service, new committee members will be appointed for four-year terms by the Mayor.