PCEF Committee Meeting – Sept. 21, 2023

Public Meeting
6:00 pm 8:00 pm
Available Online

Connection Instructions

Meeting ID: 811 2150 1766

Passcode: 664617

Join by phone: 408-638-0968

Watch meeting livestream

Attend meeting in person

Location: Community Hall at PCC Southeast Campus, 2305 SE 82nd and Division, Portland, OR 97216 


6:00                        Introductions

6:05                        Public comment

6:10                        Meeting minutes approval – August 17, 2023

6:15                        Program updates - general

6:20                        Climate Investment Plan (CIP) fast track program updates:

                                Strategic Program 1 – Clean energy in regulated multifamily affordable housing

                                Strategic Program 8 – Equitable tree canopy

6:50                        BREAK

7:05                        CIP evaluation draft approach: Strategic Program 3 - Clean energy in single family homes

7:50                        CIP program rollout prioritization

8:00                        Meeting close

Meeting Materials

Public Comment

As a reminder, committee meetings are open to the public and we welcome public comment. Please review our public participation guidelines for Zoom meetings in advance of the meeting. 

Sign up to provide verbal public comment

Members of the public are encouraged to sign up to provide public comment. Sign up closes at the start of the committee meeting.

For those who did not sign up via the online form and would still like to offer public comment, you will be prompted by the facilitator during the public comment portion to request to be added to the queue of commenters. To do so, you have 2 options:

  1. Message meeting hosts using the chat box function in Zoom.
  2. Verbally notify meeting hosts when we unmute the phone lines.

Provide written public comment

You can also submit written or verbal comments at any time. You have 2 options to submit your comments:

  1. Send an email to CleanEnergyFund@portlandoregon.gov
  2. Call 503-823-7713 and state “Committee Public Comment” in your message.

If we receive your written comment by 12 p.m. two business days before the meeting, we will send them to the committee in advance. All comments received after this will be provided to the committee at the next meeting. 



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