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PCEF Grant Committee Meeting – Dec 16, 2019

Committee members will make decisions regarding 1) their meeting schedule, 2) subcommittee formation, and 3) their role in agenda development.

There will be four presentations including an update on outreach and three presentations that provide an overview of residential energy efficiency / renewable energy by Energy Trust of Oregon, Multnomah County Weatherization, and Community Energy Project.

Located at Rossi Farms, in the Barn Room.


6:00 pm — Opening inspiration: Janet Hammer, PCEF staff

6:05 pm — Public meeting called to order

Approval of Dec. 3, 2019 meeting minutes

6:10 pm — Public comment

6:25 pm — Work session: meeting schedule, subcommittee formation, committee role in agenda development

6:55 pm — Proposals related to:

  1. Subcommittee formation and assignments,
  2. Committee roles in agenda development, and
  3. Full-committee meeting schedule.

7:15 pm — Outreach update (what we heard/saw/learned on Dec. 5 and other events)

7:30 pm — Residential Energy Efficiency / Renewable Energy Presentations and Discussion

  1. Energy Trust of Oregon – Michael Colgrove, Executive Director and Amber Cole, Director of Communications and Customer Service
  2. Multnomah County Weatherization – Jose Flores, Lead Weatherization Inspector
  3. Community Energy Project – Charity Fain, Executive Director

8:50 pm — Committee member closing comments

9:00 pm — Meeting adjourned  

Meeting Materials