Microsoft CrowdStrike technology outage

Some City of Portland systems were impacted. Call 3-1-1 or 503-823-4000 with questions or non-emergency reports. Beware of cyber criminals impersonating CrowdStrike or other tech support. Information for City of Portland employees

Current PCEF funding opportunities

Close up of two laptops with the hands of two women of color on the laptop keyboards
Find current PCEF funding opportunities here. Photo credit #WOCinTech

PCEF Mini Grants

A quarterly grant opportunity offering up to $5,000 for activities that align with PCEF goals of advancing racial and social justice while addressing climate change. Mini grants can fund a wide range of activities, including grant writing support, small projects, events, and training. 

Organizations can submit applications on a rolling basis for placement into the next available grant cycle. If an applicant is not selected for the first grant cycle applied for, they may list their application in the subsequent grant cycle without having to reapply. 

Grant deadlines*: 

  • January 1 
  • April 1 
  • July 1
  • October 1

*Grant deadlines will typically follow this timeline. Mini grants staff will notify the public if there are any changes or adjustments to the yearly grant cycle. 

Visit the PCEF Mini Grant Program page for details and assistance

Who is eligible for PCEF funding?

Qualified nonprofit organizations who meet all of the following requirements are eligible to apply for any PCEF grant opportunity:

  1. Designated by the Federal government as a 501(c) or 521(a) nonprofit entity.
  2. Registered and certified with the Oregon Secretary of State as a nonprofit organization.
  3. NOT on the Oregon Department of Justice list of Disqualified Charities.

Newly formed or emerging groups who do not meet the 501(c) or 521(a) designation requirement, or eligible nonprofits who may benefit from additional administrative capacity, may apply for a PCEF grant with a fiscal sponsor. A fiscal sponsor is an eligible nonprofit organization that provides organizational infrastructure and administrative support for managing a grant.