Preliminary Climate Investment Plan draft

Three participants of the CORE PDX event sitting at a table, sharing ideas, smiling, engaging.
Using the feedback received through workshops, expert and community roundtables, surveys, and sharing best practices, we’ve developed a preliminary draft of the Climate Investment Plan. The draft contains proposed funding allocations, strategies, and goals.

The comment period closed April 7. We appreciate your participation!

Read the Climate Investment Plan adopted by City Council

You can still read the first draft

How the community shared feedback

There were a few ways input was provided on the preliminary draft:

Read what was said and what changed in the May 2023 draft.

Next steps

City Council adopted the CIP on Sept. 27, 2023. We will be implementing the CIP by issuing a request for proposals for Community Responsive Grants (RFP 3) winter 2023. 

To see where we are in the process, please visit our website. Interested in how the accessibility survey input was utilized? We share all the details in our news article.

About the CIP

At the direction of Portland City Council, PCEF is developing a 5-year Climate Investment Plan to guide the investment of PCEF funds to achieve major carbon reductions in ways that benefit those most impacted by the climate crisis.

The CIP will include feedback from a variety of stakeholders, especially those most impacted by climate change in Portland; input from a range of technical experts; and information from community studies and technical reports. 

Public engagement focused on ten funding priorities based on City Council direction during recent code improvements and the original ballot initiative. Two priorities were on a different and faster track for development upon request by City Council when they evaluated and updated the PCEF program in October 2022. Draft strategy documents for these fast-tracked programs were available for public comment through March 2, 2023.

Learn more about the fast-tracked programs.

The remaining eight funding priorities were on a separate timeline for development and completion. The public engagement process spans from December 2022 until July 2023 when the PCEF Committee is anticipated to make a recommendation for City Council approval in September 2023.

About PCEF

Approved by voters in 2018, the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF) invests in community-led projects that reduce carbon emissions, create economic opportunity, and help make our city more resilient as we face a changing climate. In the next five years, PCEF will invest over $700 million in community-led clean energy projects and climate solutions like energy-efficient upgrades to make apartment buildings safer and more comfortable during extreme heat and tree planting to increase shade in East Portland neighborhoods.

Together, we are showing the world what it looks like for climate action to be rooted in economic opportunity and climate justice. When we invest in our communities, we invest in our future.