Community feedback on the Climate Investment Plan

Community members providing input on the Climate Investment Plan concepts.
Read community feedback on the Climate Investment Plan drafts.

You helped shape the Climate Investment Plan

We are grateful for your commitment to strengthening the CIP by giving us feedback throughout this process. Creating an equitable Climate Investment Plan (CIP) requires meaningful participation from the community. We received public comment submissions via listening session, online survey, and email from community members, nonprofit organizations, business owners, educational institutions, and government institutions. We also held two community review panels. These included community voices most impacted by climate change.

Our process

We read through all feedback from the various outreach efforts. We've incorporated changes that balanced: 

  • Community need and empowerment.
  • Greenhouse gas reductions or sequestration.
  • Implementation feasibility. 

Every member of our team read each comment we received with careful consideration. Changes that we incorporated were aligned with the scope and mission of PCEF. We recognize your valuable time and effort in this process. 

Read community feedback

Transparency is important to us. You can read the feedback we received on both drafts below.

Preliminary draft:

Read the summary of changes to the draft and the summary of community feedback on the previous draft:

Full draft:

A draft of proposed changes to the CIP presented to the PCEF Committee for review and deliberation:

A summary of what we heard during the May 16 - June 2 public comment: 

Next steps

City Council adopted the CIP on Sept. 27, 2023. We will be implementing the CIP by issuing a request for proposals for Community Responsive Grants (RFP 3) winter 2023. 

To see where we are in the CIP process, please visit our website. Interested in how the accessibility survey input was utilized? We share all the details in our news article.