Advisory Groups

This committee is charged with recommending the inaugural 5-year Climate Investment Plan (CIP) to Portland City Council, and evaluating the effectiveness of the program in achieving the goals laid out in the CIP.
The 11-member advisory body provides guidance to PCEF staff on workforce and contractor development.
The PCEF Bylaws Subcommittee is developing the guiding documents and procedures for the organization, decision-making, and expectations of members of the PCEF Grants committee.
The Evaluation and Reporting Subcommittee is charged with providing direction on meeting PCEF's reporting obligations including program metrics.
The Grants Process and Criteria Review Subcommittee is collecting information, researching best practices and developing ideas and recommendations for key areas of the grant application process and criteria review.
The Member Recruitment Subcommittee is charged with evaluating new member applications and making nomination recommendations to the PCEF Committee.