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CC2035 documents

The Central City 2035 Plan, originally adopted in July 2018, was appealed and then sent back to the City to make amendments.
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City Council materials

In preparation for City Council hearings and deliberations. 

CC2035 As-Adopted Plan

These documents were adopted by City Council.

  • Adopted by Ordinance 189002 in 2018
  •  Adopted by Resolution in 2018
  •  Adopted by Resolution in 2018

LUBA/Court of Appeals Legislative Record

  • Background exhibits and documents that are part of the legislative record 

Background documents

Documents previously adopted by Resolution to inform CC2035

Additional studies and memos prepared to inform CC2035

Area Specific - N/NE Quadrant

Area Specific - West Quadrant

Area Specific - Southeast Quadrant

Central Eastside Parking Management Plan (2012)

Burnside Bridgehead Framework Plan (2010)

Central Eastside Street Plan (2010)

Additional documents

Portland Business Journal, Ladd Carriage House

Historic Tax Credit Resource Center

Old Town/Chinatown Action Plan, five year extension 2019-2024 

Willamette River Recreation Strategy – Boating Facilities (2012)

Maritime Transportation Security Act (2002)

City of Portland Economic Opportunities Analysis (adopted 2016)

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