Interested in multi-family development in eastern Portland and other multi-dwelling zones?

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Portlanders sought to help develop code concepts that improve housing in higher density areas.

The Better Housing by Design (BHD) project is working to improve new development of apartments, townhouses, fourplexes, courtyard housing and other types of housing in multi-dwelling zones. Along with community advocates and other Portlanders, city planners are considering ways of improving the design of new multi-family development to better meet the needs of people who live here now and in the future.

February workshop produced good ideas and feedback

We heard some great ideas and feedback at the Better Housing by Design workshop on February 25, when staff introduced the project at PCC Southeast. Now community members are invited to explore these ideas and provide more input at a series of working group meetings.

The first meeting on March 7 focused on Eastern Portland design/development issues and citywide amenity bonuses. Future meetings will focus on other topics that have citywide relevance. You can attend and participate in any of the meetings.