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About the Update of Portland’s Bees and Livestock Regulations Project

Project purpose, background, timeline, and contact information.

Project purpose

The project to update Title 13 was to create rules for keeping bees and livestock that reflect the circumstances of our growing city. Most Portlanders live in urban neighborhoods where outdoor areas for keeping livestock is limited, and these animals can have negative impacts on many neighboring properties. By replacing the previous permit process with standards and best practices that provide more certainty and transparency for residents, the updated rules ensure the needs of animals are met and animal-related nuisances, such as odors, noise, and vectors, are reduced.

Project background

Title 13 has existed in some form since the 1960s. The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability updated the code to:

  • Make the rules easier to understand and follow for residents interested in raising these animals.

  • Streamline the implementation of the code to reduce costs and administrative burdens to both the public and the City.

Project steps and timeline

A hearing before City Council took place in July 2020. The final adopted code replaced the previous version of Title 13 per Council Ordinance No. 190086, effective September 4, 2020.

An administrative rules hearing is scheduled for April 8, 2021.

If you would like further information or have questions, please call the Bees and Livestock Helpline and ask to be placed on the project notification list by providing your email address.


Bees and Livestock Helpline

Past Events

Title 13 Administrative Rules hearing

Public Hearing
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