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New video helps Portlanders implement the Expanding Opportunities for Affordable Housing goals

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How-to guide features project partners and technical experts, who describe the steps involved in building affordable housing on land owned by faith- or community-based organizations.

There are more than 400 faith- and community-based organizations in Portland with hundreds of acres of buildable land. Many members of these communities want to help solve the housing crisis. The recently adopted Expanding Opportunities for Affordable Housing (EOAH) project will help them start the process. 

“Training” video explains the step-by-step process 

To help nonprofit organizations interested in building affordable housing on their land, project staff created a guide for prospective developers, which was transformed into a "training" video by Ali Godil at House of Gul.  

The two-part “series” features some of our EOAH project partners, who speak from direct experience with the project and their own efforts to build affordable housing in Portland. The videos also include a general step-by-step guide for how to assess the feasibility of such an endeavor and the necessary designers, architects, contractors, funders and other service providers required to undertake and complete an affordable housing project.  

The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability contracted with several community partners to assist with different components of the project, including:

Other partners included:

With these partners and other City bureaus and stakeholders, project staff identified barriers to development with the goal of streamlining the process and determined financing mechanisms to fund development of affordable housing. Now that information is available for others to benefit from as they look for ways to help solve Portland’s housing crisis.