Advisory Groups

Informs and advises on how BPS prioritizes its resources to achieve desired community outcomes through an annual budgeting process.
Reviews and advises the way City staff engage with the public in land use and transportation planning. This is an important part of the City’s 2035 Comprehensive Plan Community Involvement Program, supporting the goals and policies of the Comprehensive Plan.
This committee is charged with recommending the inaugural 5-year Climate Investment Plan (CIP) to Portland City Council, and evaluating the effectiveness of the program in achieving the goals laid out in the CIP.
The Planning Commission focuses on land use planning, while continuing to advance the policies in Portland’s Comprehensive Plan. By holding public hearings and discussing issues and proposals, the commission develops recommendations to share with City Council.
The Sustainability and Climate Commission will guide City climate action and sustainability goals as a new governance structure and champion body for current and future climate work.