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BPS in the news

Recent media highlights featuring BPS staff and our work.

Land Matters Podcast — Sept. 29, 2021

Season 2 Episode 7: Addressing Structural Racism in Urban Planning

"The planners’ initiative is part of a reckoning about structural racism in American society—economic forces, institutions, and interactions that have discrimination baked in."

Mentions: History of exclusionary zoning in Portland

The Oregonian — Sept. 29, 2021

Portland’s massive clean energy fund plans $100M spending spree to fight climate change, promote racial and social justice

"Portland city officials are preparing to bankroll a new bonanza of clean energy projects and jobs geared toward the city’s historically marginalized communities."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Portland Tribune — Sept. 22, 2021

Multi-cultural, high density district planned in SW Portland

"The city's vision for the westside includes high density housing, transit focused development as part of the West Town Center Plan."

Mentions: West Portland Town Center Plan

Portland Tribune — Sept. 10, 2021

My view: More climate action needed for underserved Portlanders

"After being excluded from environmental funding for decades, communities of color and our allies came together to prioritize solutions that would be led by and benefit those most impacted by climate change." - Rep. Khanh Pham

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

The New York Times — Sept. 1, 2021

Sustainability Advocates Ask: Why Demolish When You Can Deconstruct?

"More cities are adopting deconstruction ordinances that require older homes to be taken down for salvageable parts, but they face challenges in trying to expand their efforts."

Mentions: Portland's Deconstruction program

Portland Tribune — Aug. 17, 2021
Our View: Prioritize investments to fight the climate crisis before it's too late

"For decades, the city of Portland has been a climate change leader. But the last couple of months have offered tragic and sobering reminders that we are living in a climate-altered world." - Commissioner Carmen Rubio and BPS Director Andrea Durbin

Mentions: Climate Emergency Declaration, EV-ready infrastructure

Sightline Institute — Aug. 1, 2021
We ran the rent numbers on Portland's 7 newly legal home options

"After a seven-year campaign, Portland on Sunday formally lifted a series of 97-year-old bans on seven different types of homes."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project

Waste Dive — July 16, 2021
City hiring woes and solutions; New $16B pitch for recycling infrastructure

"...leaders in Portland, Oregon, seek to widen their worker candidate pools."

Mentions: Waste Equity Workplan

Bloomberg Philanthropies — July 14, 2021
Bloomberg Philanthropies Recognizes 16 U.S. Cities For Using Data Most Effectively

"Data-informed strategies have enabled these newly Certified cities to increase resident satisfaction, reduce carbon emissions, address homelessness, and more."

Mentions: Portland's use of data to improve public services and engagement and increase transparency.

C40 Cities — July 8, 2021
A ‘Letter to Nature’ in Portland from Mayor Ted Wheeler

"Nature breathes life into our cities. As part of a new campaign to highlight the importance of urban nature to our everyday lives, C40 has invited ... thought leaders from cities around the world to write a ‘Letter to Nature’."

Mentions: Environmental Overlay Zones, climate action