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Commissioner Rubio and Sam Baraso being interviewed by KOIN6
Recent media highlights featuring BPS staff and our work.

OPB — July 3, 2024

Oregon is getting hotter. This heat wave could break records

"The abnormally high temperatures, part of a multiyear warming trend in Oregon, are prompting concerns about health in a state where many homes lack air conditioning."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

Axios — July 2, 2024

Portland's Fourth of July weekend heat wave to break records

"Not all households across the region have adequate access to cooling systems, such as central or portable air conditioning. As of 2019, 78% of households here had 'primary air conditioning,' up from 70% in 2015, according to the American Housing Survey."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

KGW8 — June 27, 2024

'Full of gratitude': Portlanders receive free AC units through city program

"Those who've received a unit say it's made a world of difference. 'It's a blessing for us to have that.'"

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Jaimes Valdez quoted

KOIN — June 24, 2024

Cooling Portland program brings AC units to those in need during summer months

"A few years back we had a heat wave, and I ended up having to leave my home and rent a room somewhere because it had gotten so hot."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Jaimes Valdez quoted

KGW8 — June 22, 2024

Nonprofit Depave, city of Portland project turns church parking lot into green space

"Seeing the life put back in this space is going to build even more connection."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Sam Baraso and Mika Barrett quoted

NPR's Science Friday — June 21, 2024

20 Years Later, How Are City Climate Plans Actually Going?

"Mayors proclaimed, city councils adopted, and gavels cracked on podiums across the country as city climate plans were created, along with a new job to manage it all: the chief sustainability officer."

Mentions: Climate Emergency Workplan, Vivian Satterfield and Kyle Diesner quoted

OPB — June 13, 2024

Portland is trying to make it easier for qualified people to get free air conditioners

"Now, the Portland Clean Energy Fund is partnering with PDX 311 to help interested Portlanders learn more about the program and help residents apply."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Jaimes Valdez quoted

KOIN — June 13, 2024

Portland sees 1,000 calls in one day for free AC program

"City leaders are seeing a spike in calls after this week’s push to get the word out that air conditioner units are available to those in need through the Cooling Portland program."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Jaimes Valdez quoted

Fox 12 — June 13, 2024

Cooling Portland: Residents may be eligible for free air conditioning this summer

"As higher temperatures approach, residents in the Portland area will be able to apply for free air conditioning units through the 'Cooling Portland program.'"

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

OPB — May 16, 2024

Portland’s climate tax could fund energy-efficiency upgrades for 3,100 homes

"Portland’s climate action fund is preparing to invest $140 million toward 3,100 home retrofits over the next five years."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Commissioner Carmen Rubio and Kris Grube quoted

OPB — May 8, 2024

Portland schools set to receive $50M for climate action

"The funds will support energy-efficient retrofits for older buildings, like installing solar panels and new air-conditioning systems and increasing tree canopy in school yards."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Mayor Ted Wheeler quoted

Oregonian — May 1, 2024

Portland plans to mandate energy-cost disclosure in rental housing, allowing tenants to compare, contrast

“Portland scored in the top 10 this week in a clean-energy ranking among the most populous U.S. cities, but the scorecard encourages the city to make its buildings more energy-efficient.”

Mentions: Multifamily Energy Reporting and Tenant Notice

OPB — April 26, 2024

Portland schools could see $50 million boost for climate action

“With the schools controlling such significant assets across our community, our investment presents a wonderful opportunity to make impactful emissions reductions meaningfully, reduce utility costs and serve those who will inherit this place after us.”

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Commissioner Carmen Rubio and Wendy Koelfgen quoted

KOIN — April 19, 2024

A Peek at the Home of Tomorrow Today Tour

“These units are permanently affordable homeownership opportunities for folks that otherwise couldn't get into homeownership opportunities like these [net zero homes]. That is the core part of why we invested in this [project].”

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Sam Baraso interviewed

KATU — April 9, 2024

Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability Takes Action on Climate Crisis

“Vivian Satterfield, Chief Sustainability Officer for the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, joined us to share what the City of Portland is doing to address the climate crisis.”

Mentions: Sustainability and Climate Commission, Vivian Satterfield interviewed

Oregonian — March 13, 2024

Ban on gas leaf blowers passed in Portland; gradual phase-out begins in 2026

“The Portland City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved a gradual ban on gas leaf blowers that will eliminate the machines year-round within the next four years.”

Mentions: Equitable Gas Leaf Blower Phase-out, Sonrisa Cooper quoted

Daily Journal of Commerce — March 5, 2024

Development details announced for revitalized campus

“The project is focused on creating equitable economic opportunities and is targeting over 30 percent of the project budget toward women and/or minority owned businesses.”

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

Oregonian — March 5, 2024

Housing, Black business incubator planned on North Portland site razed for unbuilt hospital

“More than $10 million in public and philanthropic funds have already been committed, including money from the Oregon Housing & Community Services department, the Portland Clean Energy Fund and Meyer Memorial Trust’s Justice Oregon for Black Lives initiative.”

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

Oregonian — Dec. 13, 2023

Portland’s clean energy fund expected to raise additional $540M over next 5 years

“These are built-in projects, built-in ideas that just need the resources. This is truly an example of seizing the moment.”

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Donnie Oliveira quoted

Portland Business Journal — Oct. 11, 2023

The unraveling of Montgomery Park

"A foreclosure shines light on a transformative redevelopment plan for Northwest Portland that may never come to be."

Mentions: Montgomery Park to Hollywood (MP2H), Patricia Diefenderfer quoted

Montavilla News — Oct. 10, 2023

Creating Neighborhood Centers

"Through proposed zoning changes and transportation investments, the plan’s authors intend to incentivize future development that will create new walkable corridors lined with small businesses and multifamily housing."

Mentions: Lower SE Rising Area Plan

BikePortland — Oct. 5, 2023

‘Urban trails,’ a bold plan for the next generation of Portland bikeways

"When we finally saw hard numbers about Portland’s cycling decline last spring, it was a reality check for many of us."

Mentions: Comprehensive Plan, former BPS staffer Mark Raggett quoted

Portland Mercury — Oct. 5, 2023

Portland set to begin work on first-of-its-kind Climate Investment Plan financed by Clean Energy Fund

"Portlanders will soon reap the benefits of a reformed Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF) and the estimated $750 million it will have to spend on programs like electric bike incentives and residential clean energy upgrades from now until 2028."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Sam Baraso quoted.

DJC Oregon — Oct. 5, 2023

Portland development review process in the crosshairs

"In response to Portland’s housing crisis, a proposal is on the table to temporarily suspend and permanently modify zoning codes to facilitate housing production, including changes to the development review process."

Mentions: Housing Regulatory Relief

OPB — Oct. 4, 2023

Digging into how to make Portland more friendly to older residents

"But in many cities, including Portland, older residents may face physical and social challenges when wanting to age in place."

Mentions: Age- and Disability-Inclusive Neighborhood Project (ADIN), former BPS staffer Alan de la Torre interviewed

BikePortland — Oct. 4, 2023

New PSU art building to include section of future Green Loop ‘micromobility path’

"A new building in the works on the Portland State University campus near I-405 will give us one of our first looks of the fabled Green Loop, a future “micromobility path” through the central city."

Mentions: Green Loop

DJC Oregon — Oct. 4, 2023

Portland’s controversial zoning code changes spark heated discourse amid housing crisis

"Tensions ran high during a recent briefing before the Portland Design Commission, where the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) presented proposed zoning code changes aimed at addressing the city’s housing crisis."

Mentions: Housing Regulatory Relief

GreenPower Motor Company — Oct. 4, 2023

GreenPower delivers first EV Star to Forth to provide transportation services to Portland's underserved communities

"Once deployed, the EV Star will become part of Forth's Green Energy & Mobility (GEM) Project that provides clean transportation opportunities and renewable energy solutions to two locations that offer shelter services and housing for historically underserved communities in Portland. The GEM project has been made possible through funding entirely by the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF)."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

The Oregonian — Oct. 1, 2023

Career transition fights displacement and climate crisis: ‘I have so many opportunities in front of me’

"A key goal for the program is helping low-income Portlanders and people of color stay in homes and neighborhoods where residents face the threat of displacement from gentrification, high energy costs or an expensive backlog of needed repairs."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

Inside Portland State — Sept. 28, 2023

Who helped Portland build an inclusive climate investment plan? Hint: PSU is involved

"PCEF is a program Portlanders should be proud of...As a global climate justice leader, we are forging a new way of doing things. Other cities and states are starting to create their own climate-resilient programs informed by the work we are doing."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, PCEF Committee members Dr. Megan Horst and Maria Sipin quoted.

OPB — Sept. 27, 2023

Portland approves 5-year, $750 million climate action plan

"The climate justice program will fund a wide variety of projects from renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades to lowering greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector by encouraging electric vehicle purchases over the next five years."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits FundClimate Investment Plan 

BikePortland — Sept. 27, 2023

With passage of PCEF, an $80 million boost for bikes and climate-friendly transportation

“There’s a lot room here where community-based organizations can pitch their big, bright ideas to get these grants. PCEF allows regular Portlanders to dream up solutions that don’t fit in any other spaces.”

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits FundClimate Investment Plan. PCEF Committee member Maria Sipin quoted.

KOIN — Sept. 27, 2023

Portland City Council adopts ‘pivotal’ $750M climate plan

"The Climate Investment Plan, developed by the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, will help the city reach its zero carbon emissions goal by 2050 and fund climate justice programs, according to the City of Portland."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits FundClimate Investment Plan. Commissioner Rubio, Mayor Wheeler and Donnie Oliveira quoted.

Fox 12 Oregon — Sept. 27, 2023

First reading of Portland’s $750M climate investment plan by city council

"Portland City Commissioners took the next step with a proposal that will invest millions of dollars toward climate change."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund, Commissioner Rubio featured

The Oregonian — Sept. 26, 2023

Will massive clean-energy fund take Portland to its climate goal? No – and that’s not its objective

"The fund, flush with revenue, is considered a cornerstone of Portland’s climate work. But it’s unlikely to meaningfully cut the city’s carbon pollution or help it reach net-zero by 2050 – even though the fund’s investment plan specifically promises to take a significant bite out of carbon emissions."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

Portland Business Journal — Sept. 19, 2023

Portland has enough room for 237,000 more homes. But what kind?

"The answer, according to city officials and density advocates, is to build smaller. That means apartments, townhomes, fourplexes — the kinds of construction that can fill in gaps on the land Portland has at its disposal."

Mentions: Buildable Lands Inventory

Street Roots — Sept. 15, 2023

Portland auditor investigating Zenith Energy for lobbying violations

"Public records show Zenith and its PR firm engaged public officials consistently throughout 2022 but did not file lobbying reports."

Mentions: Zenith terminal project, Commissioners Carmen Rubio and Dan Ryan and their staff, and Patricia Diefenderfer

Montavilla News — Sept. 9, 2023

Sustainability and Climate Commission Kickoff

"Last Wednesday, Commissioner Carmen Rubio and Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) leaders addressed community members at the Collective Oregon Eateries (CORE) food hall on SE 82nd Avenue."

Mentions: Sustainability and Climate Commission, Donnie Oliveira quoted

The Oregonian — Sept. 1, 2023

Portland plan for floodplain-development restrictions stocked with exemptions; critics call it ‘capitulation to developers’

"The Floodplain Resilience Plan, which aims to lessen the damage of future flooding and improve habitat for salmon and other fish species, comes in advance of new, more stringent federal regulations."

Mentions: Floodplain Resilience Plan


How cities can use data to track their climate goals

"Cities can work faster and in more focused and direct ways to counteract climate change with data."

Mentions: Climate data, Kyle Diesner quoted

KATU — August 24, 2023

Portland Clean Energy Fund's plan calls for $750M in spending

"The most important element about it is this is a plan that culminates and brings together a lot of community ideas and a lot of what we know, and what we've needed to do to address our climate and serve our community."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund, Sam Baraso quoted

KGW8 — August 24, 2023

Portland makes largest investment in climate-related projects in city history

"It's the first environmental initiative led by communities of color in Oregon, and the first program of its kind in the United States."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund, Commissioner Carmen Rubio quoted

OPB — August 24, 2023

Portland Clean Energy Fund unveils 5-year plan, $750M projected spending after overhaul

"Thursday’s climate investment plan was built after nearly a year of climate research and multiple rounds of input from Portland residents, business, subject matter experts and community organizations."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund, Commissioner Carmen Rubio and Sam Baraso quoted

FOX 12 Oregon — August 24, 2023

City of Portland presents $750M climate investment plan

"$750 million will be handed out to help the city fight and adapt to climate change."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Street Roots — August 23, 2023

Newly obtained records show Portland officials’ private interactions with Zenith Energy

"Zenith Energy’s fossil fuel storage and transport facility faces criticism for potential environmental dangers, particularly in the event of an earthquake."

Mentions: Renewable Fuel Standards, Donnie Oliveira quoted

Institute for Local Self-Reliance — August 16, 2023

Portland Funds Community-Led Clean Energy Projects — Episode 190 of Local Energy Rules

"I think if they knew how some things were working on the inside, they’d realize that our pace is a healthy pace and that we’re moving at the speed of trust as much as we can."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund, Maria Sipin, PCEF Committee member, quoted

KGW8 — August 16, 2023

After another round of dangerous heat, how is Portland's low-income AC program doing?

"How are things going this summer? Well we're happy to say quite well."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

ICT — July 21, 2023

Extreme weather hits Native communities

"In the past few years, record heat waves have become the new norm across the country. The pacific northwest has been no exception."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund, Elizabeth Stover quoted

OPB — July 20, 2023

Portland begins to check things off its 47-item action plan to slow climate change, report says

"Portland’s multibureau climate action work plan is off to a slow but steady start and could meet most of its goals by the end of 2025, a new report says."

Mentions: Climate Emergency Workplan progress report, Vivian Satterfield quoted

The Oregonian — July 18, 2023

Portland’s massive clean energy fund makes strides in accountability, management, auditor says

"Portland is getting better at managing its cash-rich, voter-approved fund that aims to bankroll clean energy projects and jobs following a bruising city audit last year, according to the city’s elected watchdog."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Skanner — July 17, 2023

Vibrant History of Dr. John D. Marshall Building Recorded in National Register of Historic Places

"But on July 10, Congressman Earl Blumenauer (OR-03), co-chair of the U.S. Congress’s Historic Preservation Caucus, presented the building’s owners with the coveted placard indicating that 2337 North Williams Avenue is of great importance to the history of the local Black community, the city’s (unofficial) chapter of the Black Panthers – and to this very paper."

Mentions: Historic Resources program, Brandon Spencer-Hartle quoted

OPB — July 13, 2023

Portland’s affordable housing mandate for new construction shows promise, study finds

"A Portland policy that requires that new apartments include some units affordable for low-income tenants isn’t as costly for developers as previously feared, a new study found."

Mentions: Inclusionary Housing, for which BPS developed the policy and code amendments.

FOX 12 Oregon — June 29, 2023

'Cooling Portland’ program provides thousands of AC units to vulnerable community members

"Two years ago on Wednesday was Portland’s hottest day on record at 116 degrees. When the heat dome caused deaths in the Pacific Northwest region, it was a wakeup call to the City of Portland and local organizations to make a change."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

KGW 8 — June 28, 2023

Climate resiliency program installs air conditioners in Portland dwellings

"The 'Cooling Portland' organization hopes to distribute 15,000 air conditioning units by 2026."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

CATO Institute — June 28, 2023

The Promising Results of Accessory Dwelling Unit Reform

"Fortunately, some states have relaxed regulation to make it easier for homeowners to construct ADUs."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project (RIP)

NW Examiner — June 28, 2023

Streetcar coming with or without riders

"Transit ridership is down across the country, including Portland." 

Mentions: Montgomery Park to Hollywood (MP2H) Project

e-architect — June 23, 2023

Vanport Building Portland State University

"With a collective commitment to enhance the city of Portland through sustainable and responsible development, four significant Portland institutions join together at the Vanport Building to share workplace resources."

Mentions: Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS)

Portland Mercury — June 19, 2023

Portland’s Charter Reform is Moving Full Steam Ahead

"Elected leaders would make at least $140K under new salary proposals, while draft voting district maps draw concern over geographic splits."

Mentions: Central City 2035 (CC2035)

KGW 8 — June 16, 2023

How is Commissioner Carmen Rubio taking on Portland's housing crisis?

"Rubio now heads some of the Portland bureaus most responsible for speeding the production of housing, and she's trying to do just that."

Mentions: Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS)

The Washington Post — June 14, 2023

10 LGBTQ+ historic places to visit, beyond Stonewall

Mentions: Darcelle's, an establishment recognized by the LGBTQ+ Historic Sites Project

KGW 8 — June 8, 2023

Council eliminates last of Portland's minimum parking requirements

"The update eliminates minimum parking space requirements for new construction, aligning the city with new statewide requirements."

Mentions: Parking Compliance Amendments Project (PCAP)

BikePortland — June 6, 2023

City recommends major transportation and land use changes for lower southeast

"One of the most underdeveloped parts of Portland has taken a big step toward catching up to the rest of the city."

Mentions: Lower SE Rising Area Plan

reasons to be cheerful — June 8, 2023

The Portland Art of Feel-Good Densification

"How the city pulled off one of the most pro-housing reforms in America by playing nice."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project (RIP)

Oregon Business — June 2, 2023

Panelists at 100 Best Event Talk About Moving Forward With Sustainability

"The panel discussion ran for a little more than an hour, with topics ranging from the urban-rural divide, finding reasons for optimism amid political gridlock — and how New Jersey residents feel about New York City."

Mentions: Vivian Satterfield, Chief Sustainability Officer at Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

DJC Oregon — June 2, 2023

Lloyd District multifamily project gets green light

"The Green Loop will run along the site on either Seventh Avenue (the site’s east frontage) or Irving Stret (the site’s south frontage)."

Mentions: Green Loop

Portland Tribune — May 30, 2023

Equitably fight climate change, inform Portland how to spend $750 million

"The Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund is projected to spend an estimated $750 million during the next five years to support communities most affected by climate change."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

BikePortland — May 30, 2023

Clean Energy Fund sets 6,000 bike goal for e-bike rebate program

"And if all goes according to plan, the PCEF aims to help fund the purchase of at least 6,000 e-bikes over five years."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Vancouver Sun — May 18, 2023

U.S. neighbours to distribute 23,000 air conditioners to vulnerable residents by this year, while B.C. has no plan

"Washington and Oregon state and local governments in the western U.S. expect to have delivered at least 23,000 air-cooling units to those most at risk this year in response to the deadly 2021 heat dome, while the B.C. government is still deciding what to do."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

BikePortland — May 17, 2023

The 23 Portland parks primed for new bike trails and riding areas

"Yes, we have dirt to ride in Forest Park, but it’s either extremely boring (flat, wide roads) or extremely difficult for all but expert riders."

Mentions: Off-road Cycling Master Plan

OPB — May 13, 2023

May heat wave highlights further need for climate change adaptation in Oregon

"That extreme weather, which killed 69 people in Multnomah County, brought heat to the forefront of the climate crisis in the region and prompted swift action from city and local organizations that promised to help residents adapt."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

BikePortland — May 5, 2023

The details on Portland’s impressive SW Capitol Highway project

"As the City of Portland’s $27.5 million SW Capitol Highway: Multnomah Village — West Portland Project approaches completion, we thought this would be a fitting time to tie the bow on this story by recapping the project’s significance."

Mentions: West Portland Town Center Plan

BikePortland — April 21, 2023

Portland wins $2 million federal grant for zero-emission delivery zones

"The Portland Bureau of Transportation has won a $2 million federal grant to pilot a 'zero emission delivery zone.'"

Mentions: Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

KATU — April 18, 2023

Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Works to Combat Climate Change

"The City of Portland is dedicated to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050!"

Mentions: Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, Climate Action

KOIN — April 8, 2023

City of Portland seeks help with its LGBTQ+ Historic Sites Project

"Both the National Park Service and the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office have awarded Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability with grants to expand its LGBTQ+ Historic Sites Project. Now, BPS is calling on Portlanders to help with the project by sharing their own knowledge of LGBTQ+ spaces in the city."

Mentions: LGBTQ+ Historic Sites Project

East PDX News — April 7, 2023

‘Live’ Portland Fix-it Fair returns to Parkrose

"Parkrose High’s atrium is again filled with tables at which visitors “shop for free knowledge” they can get from experts."

Mentions: Fix-It Fair

Portland Business Journal — April 4, 2023

Women of Influence 2023: Vivian Satterfield of the city of Portland

"Vivian Satterfield has established herself as a leader on sustainability, environmental justice and planning in Portland since arriving from Chicago more than a dozen years ago."

Mentions: Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Smart Cities Connect — March 29, 2023

Portland, OR Wants Surveillance Used Responsibly

"The city previously implemented privacy principles and a ban on the use of facial recognition systems, and this new policy is intended to provide an overall guidance on their use."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

KOIN — March 12, 2023

Old Town’s historic Yamaguchi Hotel set for demolition on Monday

"The Yamaguchi Hotel, currently owned by Blanchet House, was a pre-World War II Japanese American owned hotel located in what was Portland’s New Chinatown/Japantown district."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

BikePortland — March 10, 2023

Portland’s Off Road Cycling Master Plan is finally legit

"Despite two years of work that went into it, and despite the plan being unveiled to the public in 2017, it was never an officially binding plan."

Mentions: Off-road Cycling Master Plan

Montavilla News — March 9, 2023

BPS Completes Public Trash Can Rollout

"This latest rollout completes a multi-year expansion of the City-managed rubbish collection program that started in 2017 with the Jade District."

Mentions: Public Trash Cans

Montavilla News — March 2, 2023

Portland Expanding EV Charger Access

"These early steps seek to remove barriers blocking the widespread adoption of low-carbon-producing vehicles."

Mentions: Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Code Project

Willamette Week — March 1, 2023

As Difficult City Budget Approaches, Portland Clean Energy Fund Is Flush

"Parks and housing bureaus get a piece of the action."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Portland Business Journal — Feb. 28, 2023

Are Portland developers building small to avoid inclusionary housing?

"But one of the big questions since the program went into effect in 2017 is whether developers have been going small — constructing 19 homes or fewer per building — to circumvent inclusionary housing altogether."

Mentions: Inclusionary zoning/affordable housing; Svetha Ambati (BPS staff) quoted.

KOIN — Feb. 8, 2023

City council votes to change zoning rules for Safe Rest Villages

"The biggest change is opening more space in the city for these Safe Rest Villages or other outdoor shelters and commissioners voted to make zoning changes to allow it."

Mentions: Shelter to Housing Continuum (S2HC) Project 

KOIN — Feb. 8, 2023

Future Portland apartments now required to include more spaces readied for EV charging

"In the latest push to meet its carbon-reduction goals, the Portland City Council unanimously approved an ordinance on Wednesday that will require future multi-unit housing developments with on-site parking to prepare more spaces for EV charging stations."

Mentions: Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Code Project

BBC — Feb. 7, 2023

The cities built to be reusable

"The remnants of most old buildings end up in landfill, but some cities are starting to design them for so they can be easily disassembled and repurposed from the start."

Mentions: Deconstruction Program

CityLab — Feb. 3, 2023

Portland Adopts Surveillance Policy, As Police Discuss Drone Trial

"After banning facial recognition in 2020, the Oregon city is taking a much softer approach to vetting surveillance technology for potential privacy risks."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

Cities Today — Feb. 2, 2023

Portland passes surveillance technology policy

"Portland City Council in Oregon has unanimously passed an initial policy that aims to build trust with residents and strike a balance between the benefits and risks of surveillance technologies."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

KATU — Feb. 1, 2023

Portland City Council unanimously approves new policy on surveillance tech transparency

"The council unanimously approved the ordinance, which looks to create an inventory of all the ways the City of Portland uses surveillance on its citizens - including everything from red light cameras to parking meters."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

OPB — Jan. 26, 2023

Portland could require more electric vehicle chargers as it builds out of housing crisis

"Rubio said the changes exceed what is required at the state level, and shows that Portlanders have been early adopters who are embracing the technology."

Mentions: Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Code Project

The Oregonian — Jan. 25, 2023

Portland looks to increase electric vehicle charging at new apartment complexes

"Portland hopes to make electric vehicle charging – and hence ownership – easier for renters and others in apartments, particularly low-income residents and people of color, who are among those with the lowest EV purchase rates."

Mentions: Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Code Project

The Oregonian — Jan. 23, 2023

Native jazz artist Jim Pepper’s Portland home nominated to be on National Register of Historic Places

"If accepted, the wood-framed house in the Parkrose neighborhood would be one of the first properties in the Pacific Northwest to earn a place on the national register specifically for its significance to contemporary Indigenous history."

Mentions: Historic Resources Program

Willamette Week — Jan. 20, 2023

City Council Takes Important Step Toward Splitting Planning and Sustainability Commission in Two

"The effort to split the commission was sparked by a consultant’s report delivered to City Commissioner Carmen Rubio in April 2022 that described a critical commission, which advises the City Council on land use and planning policy, in an identity crisis."

Mentions: Planning Commission Code Amendments (PCCA) Project

Builder — Dec. 12, 2022

How eliminating single-family-only zoning will impact builders and developers

"But about three years ago, Thompson started building homes with accessory dwelling units (ADUs), splitting the lots, and selling the ADUs separately in anticipation of Portland’s zoning reforms. Today, his business model revolves around building multiple homes on lots previously zoned for single-family housing."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project (RIP)

The Oregonian — Dec. 7, 2022

Portland is first in nation to phase out petroleum diesel, replace with biofuels

"The unanimous decision by the Portland City Council on Wednesday takes aim at medium and heavy trucks, the city’s fourth largest source of carbon emissions, not by banning them but by shifting their fuel."

Mentions: Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Code Update

Shareable — Dec. 6, 2022

Portland’s circular economy is primed for success. Can it offer a blueprint for the rest of us?

"Sustainable waste reduction requires a transition from a linear economy — one where goods get used for a short period and then wind up in a landfill — to a circular one that prioritizes sharing, repairing, reuse, and creative upcycling. Portland, Oregon offers some leadership in terms of what this might look like in action. The city boasts a lively network of partnerships between nonprofits, businesses, civilians, and different bureaus and layers of government."

Mentions: Resourceful PDX

KOIN — Dec. 2, 2022

City, property owners still unsure when Jackson Tower graffiti will be removed

"However, due to the height and location of the graffiti, and the building’s historical significance, the removal project, she said, is “extremely difficult” to carry out."

Mentions: Graffiti Program

The Oregonian — Nov. 20, 2022

East Portland residents, school officials say large warehouse will bring more pollution, despite city’s commitment to ‘environmental justice’

“We have some of the strongest policies in the state, in terms of geographic equity, social justice, racial justice, environmental justice,” said Eric Engstrom, deputy director of Portland’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. “But by no means have we reached a decision or a solution on exactly how to implement those policies. We have a long way to go on that work.”

Mentions: Comprehensive Plan, Historical Context of Racist Planning, Renewable Fuel Standard Code Update

DJC Oregon — Nov. 3, 2022

Historic district design guidelines proposed

"Portland City Council will vote Nov. 9 whether to approve proposed South Portland Historic District design guidelines. They would update the historic resource review approval criteria that apply to alterations and new construction in the district and repeal the 42-year-old Lair Hill Conservation District design guidelines."

Mentions: South Portland Historic District Design Guidelines

ARLnow — Oct. 31, 2022

Portland and Minneapolis allow ‘Missing Middle’ housing. So far, new construction has been modest.

“'Two hundred more units were built on those middle housing sites than would otherwise have been built, had this all been redeveloped, they would’ve just been single-family houses,' Wood said at the time. That fits with the overarching reason for the zoning changes in Portland."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project (RIP)

OPB — Oct. 25, 2022

Portland’s climate justice program could see new beginning

"Portland is on the verge of hitting 'reset' on an ambitious but troubled climate action program that aims to make sure communities of color and lower-income residents aren’t left behind."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

AP News — Oct. 25, 2022

Renters face charging dilemma as U.S. cities move toward EVs

"But Terrell quickly encountered a bump in the road on her journey to clean driving: As a renter, she doesn’t have a private garage where she can power up overnight, and the public charging stations near her are often in use, with long wait times."

Mentions: Electric Vehicle (EV) Ready Code Project

BikePortland — Oct. 20, 2022

Southwest regional and town center plans move forward

"Two southwest area projects are currently taking their first steps from plan toward reality."

Mentions: West Portland Town Center Plan

OPB — Oct. 15, 2022

Portland clean energy program is up for an overhaul

"Portland’s first-of-its-kind climate justice program could be undergoing major changes, from ramping up tree planting to helping more people cut their energy bills."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Morning Brew — Oct. 5, 2022

Portland wants to be America's most prominent smart city

"But it's not that easy."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

OPB — Oct. 3, 2022

Portland approves Zenith Energy’s renewable fuels plan

"Oil-by-rail terminal gets the land-use compatibility statement it needs to expand after promising to eliminate crude oil"

Mentions: Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments

Portland Mercury — Oct. 3, 2022

Portland Approves Zenith Proposal for Renewable Fuels Operations

"The proposal could lead to the end of Zenith’s ongoing legal battle with the city."

Mentions: Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments

The Oregonian — Oct. 3, 2022

Portland gives Zenith Energy land use green light amid promise to end fossil fuel storage

"Portland officials Monday granted a critical land use credential to Zenith Energy that the city had previously withheld, after the Houston-based company agreed to a series of actions aimed to curb carbon emissions and eliminate transport of crude oil through its facility over the next five years."

Mentions: Fossil Fuel Terminal Zoning Amendments

Nature Communications — Sept. 30, 2022

US cities increasingly integrate justice into climate planning and create policy tools for climate justice

"The actions cities take to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change will produce benefits as well as unintended consequences that are likely to be distributed unevenly within and beyond city boundaries."

Mentions: Portland's Climate Action

The Stranger — Sept. 29, 2022

Mayor Harrell Proposes $1 Million for Questionable Surveillance Tech

"In moving forward with the pilot project, however, Wheeler ignored concerns from Smart City PDX, a City office focused on surveillance technology and public data ethics."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

Portland Mercury — Sept. 23, 2022

Wheeler Moves Forward with Controversial Gunshot Detection Technology

"Mayor Ted Wheeler’s office will develop a pilot program for the controversial gunshot-detection technology ShotSpotter, according to an announcement at a police oversight meeting Thursday evening."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

Brookings — Sept. 22, 2022

Not according to plan: Exploring gaps in city climate planning and the need for regional action

"While many cities have drafted 'climate action plans' that pledge specific GHG emissions reductions, they are struggling to hit their targets."

Mentions: Portland's Climate Action

BikePortland — Sept. 16, 2022

Revamped Clean Energy Fund would give $100 million to transportation projects

"Rubio’s changes give a larger nod to transportation as both a major source of emissions and a place of great opportunity for decarbonization."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Willamette Week — Sept. 15, 2022

Commissioner Carmen Rubio Proposes Sweeping Reform to Portland Clean Energy Fund

"The changes aim to shine sunlight on the fund, which has garnered intense criticism for lack of accountability since its infancy."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Pamplin Business Tribune — Sept. 6, 2022

Feedback sought on proposed renewable fuel standards

"Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability will accept public input through Sept. 30 on city code amendment."

Mentions: Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) Code Update

KATU — July 28, 2022

'City in Crisis - Finding Solutions:' Growing pains for Portland's Hollywood District

"In our ever-changing city, there are two things we hear a lot about - homelessness and growth. But what can be done about both of those issues?"

Mentions: Commissioner Carmen Rubio, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

The Skanner — July 14, 2022

Solar Energy Push Creates More Robust Support for Black Homeowners

"But Roberts was just as excited about the way her organization was able to pull together resources and, also using Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF) money, help a new homeowner save the beloved house that had been willed to her by her grandmother."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Portland Mercury — July 13, 2022

City Council Considers $107 Million in Clean Energy Grants

"The Portland Clean Energy Fund increased grant giving and added additional risk mitigation measures following scrutiny."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Oregonian — July 8, 2022

Portland to vote on $111 million in clean energy grants next week

"The committee that governs Portland’s voter-approved clean energy grants program released its recommendations Wednesday for $111 million across 66 awards aimed to improve environmental equity."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

BikePortland — July 8, 2022

Bikes figure prominently in latest Portland Clean Energy Fund grant awards

"All four of the recommended winners in the Innovation Grant category — a total of $7.6 million — have a bike component to their project."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Portland Mercury — June 27, 2022

Free AC Units, Worker Protections, and Climate Investments—Here’s What’s Changed Since 2021’s Deadly Heatwave

"One year ago, unprecedentedly high temperatures killed 69 people in Multnomah County and nearly 100 statewide... The deadly event was also a call to action for city, county, and state lawmakers."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

OPB — June 27, 2022

Portland environmental nonprofit delivers cooling units for those in need

"In the midst of a heat wave, Verde delivers electric heat pump systems to help cool vulnerable households in Portland’s Cully neighborhood."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Globe and Mail — June 26, 2022

A year on from deadly heat wave, many B.C. residents still have no air conditioning

"In the weeks after a deadly heat wave swept western North America last summer, staff from the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund (PCEF) program reached out to housing providers, community organizations and tenant advocates to learn how to better prepare for another extreme heat event like the one that killed more than 100 people in Oregon."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

FOX 12 Oregon — June 23, 2022

New program will install 15,000 AC units across Portland

"It’s been a year since Portland’s record-breaking heat wave that killed 96 people state-wide. The heat wave prompted a new program called the Heat Response Program, created by the Portland Clean Energy Fund, to help those most vulnerable to heat in the future."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Willamette Week — June 22, 2022

Donnie Oliveira Was Quietly Placed in Charge of Portland’s Most Controversial Project. He Explains His Strategy.

“Many of these organizations have operating budgets of $200,000, and we’re like, ‘I don’t know, do you want a million?’”

Mentions: Director Donnie OliveiraPortland Clean Energy Fund

OPB — June 21, 2022

Portland bureaus hope to lower carbon footprint with new cement

"Engineers at the city of Portland have adopted a plan to use cement with a smaller carbon footprint."

Mentions: Climate Emergency Declaration

Willamette Week — June 10, 2022

Contractors Install First Cooling Unit Paid for by the Portland Clean Energy Fund

"After months of drama, contractors for the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund installed the first cooling unit in the home of a needy Portlander yesterday."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Portland Mercury — June 7, 2022

Impacts of Portland Clean Energy Grants Begin to Materialize, a Year Later

"Sammie Lewis can’t wait to receive her next energy bill. That’s because Lewis is one of the first Portland homeowners to benefit from a city grant that offers home “energy retrofits”—meant to save low income homeowners money on energy costs by switching homes to clean energy alternatives."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Portland Tribune — June 7, 2022

Portland adopts second phase of Residential Infill Project

"Zoning codes changed to create more opportunities to boost housing density."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project - Part 2

Portland Business Journal — June 7, 2022

Portland City Council gives go-ahead for more high-density housing

"Portland city commissioners are allowing developers to build even higher-density housing in single-dwelling zones in Portland."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project - Part 2

KGW 8 — June 6, 2022

Portland City Council gives go-ahead for more high-density housing

"There are many perks when it comes to living in Portland. Many will argue access to housing is not one of them. People in city government are well aware of that."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project - Part 2

The Oregonian — June 3, 2022

Coming soon to Portland neighborhoods: more townhomes, six-plexes and other high-density housing

"Portland City Council unanimously approved a bevy of alternative housing developments that they say will provide lower-cost options and increase housing density within city limits."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project - Part 2

DJC Oregon — June 3, 2022

Portland widens development door in single-family zones

"Portland City Council this week unanimously approved zoning code amendments intended to allow greater housing diversity in the city’s residential neighborhoods."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project - Part 2

OPB — May 30, 2022

A vision for the future of cities

"Oregon was the first state in the country to ban single-family zoning in all but the smallest cities, meaning duplexes and triplexes can be built next door to single-family homes. The idea is to increase density within cities while preserving land for farms and wilderness in more rural areas."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project - Part 2

OPB — May 25, 2022

How Oregon is bringing ‘missing middle housing’ to the state

"Cottage clusters, townhouses and duplexes are some of the forms of housing commonly referred to as “missing middle housing.” Zoning rules have previously left them out, but that’s starting to change."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project - Part 2

Portland Mercury — April 4, 2022

The Risks and Rewards of Portland’s Clean Energy Fund

"How can a program that’s designed to break the mold of exclusionary bureaucratic city programs exist within a traditional oversight system?"

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

OPB — March 17, 2022

Portland’s ongoing response to the digital divide

"The pandemic shined a bright light on the digital divide in Portland and across the country, as schools and some workplaces went online almost overnight. Two years later, how has Portland responded to the issue?"

Mentions: Digital divide (Smart City PDX)

OPB — March 16, 2022

Portland Clean Energy Fund faces lawsuit and outcry from businesses

"The Portland Clean Energy Fund took another hit on Wednesday as a former grantee filed a defamation lawsuit against the environmental justice program over its decision to rescind a nearly $12 million clean energy grant."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Willamette Week — March 15, 2022

Andrea Durbin Steps Down as Director of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

"The former environmental advocate lasted a little less than three years on the job."

Mentions: Bureau of Planning and SustainabilityPortland Clean Energy Fund

The Oregonian — March 11, 2022

Portland’s massive clean energy program not accountable for climate or equity results, audit finds

"More than three years after its launch, a voter-enacted city of Portland program tasked with bankrolling clean energy projects and jobs has yet to set performance standards, finalize accountability systems or launch an equity plan, all required under its design. Those are among the findings of a city audit of the Portland clean energy program released Thursday."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

OPB — March 10, 2022

Portland Clean Energy Fund program is still missing key pieces, audit finds

"Portland’s voter-approved environmental justice program needs new climate action goals and guidelines on who is responsible for what, city auditors say."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Willamette Week — March 10, 2022

Cash-Rich Clean Energy Fund Needs Guidance From Council, Better Measurement, Auditor Says

"The petitioners who wrote the ballot measure tied its goals to the city’s Climate Action Plan, which included 20 objectives and 247 action items. But it expired in 2020."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Salt Lake Tribune — March 3, 2022

‘Slow streets’ and dense housing: How Salt Lake might become more green

"Leaders from Portland and Vancouver share their strategies for building environmentally friendly cities."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project

The Southeast Examiner — Feb. 24, 2022

RIP2 Moves Forward After Amendment Discussions

"RIP2 addresses housing types allowed in all residential zones. This includes many specific actions and initiations, like permitting duplexes and other types of middle housing on buildable lots in the R10 and R20 zones."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project - Part 2

OPB — Feb. 24, 2022

New rules allow Portland homeowners to retrofit and adapt historic homes more easily

"The rules will allow people to retrofit their homes to make them more resilient to climate change, and also to add additional housing units."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

WIRED — Feb. 22, 2022

Why Cities Want Old Buildings Taken Down Gently

"A growing number of US cities are adopting “deconstruction” policies that involve taking structures apart by hand in the name of sustainability."

Mentions: Portland's Deconstruction program

High Country News — Feb. 22, 2022

Portland community leaders bring the heat to building standards

"An activist collective says making buildings carbon-free is just the start."

Mentions: Climate and Health Standards for Existing Buildings 

DJC Oregon — Feb. 18, 2022

Portland loosens historic preservation rules

"New rules adopted by the city of Portland will make it easier for developers to renovate historic properties while keeping the original structures intact."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

Portland Business Journal — Feb. 17, 2022

Don't Count Portland Out 2022: Growing pains for a vaunted city climate fund

"Portland’s innovative program to address climate change through an equity lens expanded in the past year — and hit a bump."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

KOIN — Feb. 16, 2022

Protecting more nature with 'environmental zones' in Portland

"More water going into the ground means less runoff and flood risk."

Mentions: Environmental Overlay Zones

The Oregonian — Feb. 11, 2022

Portland officials detail potential havoc that would be unleashed on city by earthquake, oil spill

"Portland area officials are sounding the alarm on a potential nightmare scenario in which a major Pacific Northwest earthquake triggers one of the largest oil spills in U.S. history — and seeking ways to diminish the scale of the catastrophe."

Mentions: Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI) Hub 

The Oregonian — Feb. 9, 2022

Portland must present concrete findings to end fossil fuel activity at Zenith oil terminal, agency rules

"Portland officials must make a stronger case for their decision to reject a land use designation needed by embattled Zenith Energy to run portions of its fuel storage facility in Northwest Portland, a state agency has ruled."

Mentions: Comprehensive Plan

Portland Mercury — Feb. 7, 2022

Cleaning Up Portland's Anticipated Oil Spill Could Cost $2.6 Billion, Report Finds

"A massive, earthquake-induced oil spill in Portland’s Northwest industrial zone could cost upwards of $2 billion in damages and clean up costs, a county and city report found."

Mentions: Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI) Hub 

OPB — Feb. 7, 2022

Fuel spill in Portland after a major earthquake could be bigger than Deepwater Horizon, study finds

"Commissioned report finds unstable ground under hundreds of fuel tanks in Portland’s industrial Northwest could bring ecological and economic disaster after the big one hits."

Mentions: Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI) Hub 

Portland Business Journal — Feb. 4, 2022

LUBA: Portland can deny Zenith fuel terminal, but needs to make better case

"Portland had the authority to deny a key certification for Zenith Energy’s controversial fuel terminal in Northwest Portland, but the city needs to come up with a better explanation for why it did so, the Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals ruled on Thursday."

Mentions: Comprehensive Plan

The Oregonian — Feb. 3, 2022

Golden West Hotel, Portland’s ‘Black cultural hub’ before falling into disrepair, makes case for national recognition

"Rising five stories on a main boulevard, with striking dormer windows at the top, it was the largest, most luxurious, Black-operated hotel in the country..."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

Willamette Week — Feb. 3, 2022

Land Use Board of Appeals Says City Needs Stronger Argument to Deny Permit for Zenith Energy

"The ruling puts the burden back on the city to further justify its decision."

Mentions: Comprehensive Plan

OPB — Feb. 3, 2022

Land-use board says Portland can deny Zenith oil-by-rail terminal, but more evidence needed

"The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals says the city of Portland has the authority to deny a key approval for a controversial oil-by-rail terminal, but the city needs to provide more evidence to back up its denial last year."

Mentions: Comprehensive Plan

Portland Mercury — Feb. 3, 2022

Oregon Land Use Board Affirms Portland's Right to Deny Zenith Permit

"Oregon’s Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) will uphold the city of Portland’s decision to deny Zenith Energy an operational permit as long as the city can provide additional evidence on why the operations of the oil transportation facility conflict with Portland’s environmental goals."

Mentions: Comprehensive Plan

The Oregonian — Jan. 28, 2022

Portland City Council votes to allow affordable housing, design changes in historic neighborhoods

"The council approved six updates to the city’s historic resources code, which dictates what changes can be made to homes or property in neighborhoods that have received 'historic' designation."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

Fox 12 Oregon — Jan. 27, 2022

Portland City Council votes to change rules regarding federal historic landmarks

"The city of Portland can now take a federal historic landmark and allow changes to be made to it."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

Portland Mercury — Jan. 26, 2022

Portland Energy Fund Updates Grant Review Process After Controversy

"After public scrutiny of a grant recipient, Portland’s green energy grant program is bolstering its proposal review process ahead of its second year of funding."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

KGW 8 — Jan. 26, 2022

'There's a lot of work to do right now': Downtown Portland businesses eye return of shoppers

"Business leaders say foot traffic around downtown is slow to return, but they are optimistic about what the summer will bring."

Mentions: Green Loop

The Skanner — Jan. 20, 2022

Blumenauer Boosts Efforts to Put Three Black History Landmarks on National List

"Blumenauer argued Dean’s Beauty Salon and Barber Shop, the Golden West Hotel, and Mt. Olivet Baptist Church should be included on the national list..."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

Willamette Week — Jan. 19, 2022

Hundreds of Portlanders Are Living in Their Cars. Here’s How They Do It.

"About 30 people call this swath of city-owned Delta Park home. Some sleep in tents, but most reside in vehicles ranging from subcompact cars to full-size RVs. This encampment is illegal, but city officials look the other way."

Mentions: BPS City Planner Eric Engstrom quoted

Portland Business Journal — Jan. 14, 2022

PBJ Interview: How to make a smarter city with Portland's open data guy

"We are trying to promote the idea of digital justice around technology and information where technology and information should serve fairly to everyone regardless of who you are. I’m a technologist. I love the idea of having technology helping others."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

Portland Tribune — Jan. 8, 2022

2021 delivered 'warning signs of things to come' for Northwest summers

"June's unprecedented heat didn't just send people into a frenzy to buy portable AC units. It also delivered a brutal wake-up call that climate change is here."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Oregonian — Jan. 6, 2022

Portland officials yank $12M award from unqualified clean energy firm, vow to improve vetting for future grants

"The Portland City Council on Wednesday rescinded a nearly $12 million award to a local nonprofit that the city planned to entrust to carry out life-saving work, citing an investigation by The Oregonian..."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

The Oregonian — Dec. 19, 2021

Editorial: Cleaning up a Portland Clean Energy Fund mess

"Such poor vetting of the largest grant that the young program has ever awarded should trigger immediate changes. To the city’s credit, once Kavanaugh’s story was published, staffers acted quickly to verify Kavanaugh’s findings and explore options."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Willamette Week — Dec. 2, 2021

The rift over Ridwell in Portland trash hauling

"... breaks down the issue, answering questions like, why aren't trash haulers allowed to pick up items like batteries and light bulbs? And if other jurisdictions in the metro area have told Ridwell to stop its operations?"

Mentions: Portland Garbage, Recycling and Compost program

Willamette Week — Dec. 1, 2021

Who’s Afraid of a Ridwell Box?

"In October 2020, Ridwell asked the city’s Bureau of Planning and Sustainability for permission to operate in Portland. On Dec. 8, the industry association that represents Portland’s nine franchised trash haulers emailed the bureau to object."

Mentions: Portland Garbage, Recycling and Compost program

Smart Cities Dive — Nov. 23, 2021

Smart cities grapple with equity issues heightened by the pandemic

"City leaders aim to help bridge the digital divide while providing better access to education, transportation, jobs and community engagement opportunities."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

Smart Cities Dive — Nov. 17, 2021

The future of smart cities: Leaders forecast more digitally just governance

"Over the next five years, smart cities will emphasize digital justice, community trust and data-led decisions, city leaders say."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

OPB/Think Out Loud — Nov. 9, 2021

Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability proposes surcharge to reduce air pollution

"... really we can’t forget about our environment and the very real public health emergency that’s before us. That’s that Portland residents are at a very high risk for adverse health effects from air toxins." - Commissioner Rubio 

Mentions: Clean Air Fee

Portland Monthly — Nov. 5, 2021

Portland City Council Considers Changes to Its Historic Preservation Plan

"Under the proposed updates in the Historic Resources Code Project, developers would be able to demolish structures in several more situations, including in single-dwelling zones on federally designated historic districts on the National Register—but only if the demolition of the building could create housing that is more affordable or for more people."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code ProjectResidential Infill Project and Planning and Sustainability Commission

KOIN — Nov. 3, 2021

Historic Districts: preserving culture or perpetuating segregation?

"This ongoing contentious debate has captured Portland residents attention since 2017 and is now being brought to Portland City Hall."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

The Oregonian — Nov. 2, 2021

Portland weighs changes to historic landmark designations

"Residents ... have been polarized by the issue of historic preservation. The city council will review and possibly change some of those rules in the coming weeks."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

Portland Tribune — Oct. 26, 2021

Portland: Air pollution surcharge would cost biz $2M yearly

"The proposed 'Clean Air Surcharge' would raise funds from 72 facilities across the city with state air quality permits."

Mentions: Clean Air Fee, Commissioner Rubio quoted

Portland Tribune — Oct. 25, 2021

Portland Clean Energy Fund's unspent cash hits $169 million

"The 1% surcharge on large retailers has collected significantly more revenue than originally expected."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

OPB — Oct. 25, 2021

Upgrades to old buildings can help with Northwest climate goals, but at a high cost

"Retrofitting programs make a difference in the Northwest, but the results are not enough to meet climate goals."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

KGW 8 — Oct. 21, 2021

Portland gave out $3 million in prepaid debit cards for free Internet — but it is unclear how the money was spent

"A KGW investigation found the government program aimed at providing connectivity for low-income residents and people of color had structural flaws."

Mentions: Smart City PDX

Sightline Institute —Oct. 19, 2021

Bogus "Historic" Districts: The New Exclusionary Zoning?

"Interlocking loopholes would let homeowners in richer parts of Portland veto city council's maps - but there’s a fix."

Mentions: Historic Resources Code Project

Investigate West — Oct. 8, 2021

Cleaner buildings? We need to spend billions

"Retrofitting programs across Cascadia make a difference, but results are probably too small and too slow."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Land Matters Podcast — Sept. 29, 2021

Season 2 Episode 7: Addressing Structural Racism in Urban Planning

"The planners’ initiative is part of a reckoning about structural racism in American society—economic forces, institutions, and interactions that have discrimination baked in."

Mentions: History of exclusionary zoning in Portland

The Oregonian — Sept. 29, 2021

Portland’s massive clean energy fund plans $100M spending spree to fight climate change, promote racial and social justice

"Portland city officials are preparing to bankroll a new bonanza of clean energy projects and jobs geared toward the city’s historically marginalized communities."

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

Portland Tribune — Sept. 22, 2021

Multi-cultural, high density district planned in SW Portland

"The city's vision for the westside includes high density housing, transit focused development as part of the West Town Center Plan."

Mentions: West Portland Town Center Plan

Portland Tribune — Sept. 10, 2021

My view: More climate action needed for underserved Portlanders

"After being excluded from environmental funding for decades, communities of color and our allies came together to prioritize solutions that would be led by and benefit those most impacted by climate change." - Rep. Khanh Pham

Mentions: Portland Clean Energy Fund

The New York Times — Sept. 1, 2021

Sustainability Advocates Ask: Why Demolish When You Can Deconstruct?

"More cities are adopting deconstruction ordinances that require older homes to be taken down for salvageable parts, but they face challenges in trying to expand their efforts."

Mentions: Portland's Deconstruction program

Portland Tribune — Aug. 17, 2021

Our View: Prioritize investments to fight the climate crisis before it's too late

"For decades, the city of Portland has been a climate change leader. But the last couple of months have offered tragic and sobering reminders that we are living in a climate-altered world." - Commissioner Carmen Rubio and BPS Director Andrea Durbin

Mentions: Climate Emergency Declaration, EV-ready infrastructure

Sightline Institute — Aug. 1, 2021

We ran the rent numbers on Portland's 7 newly legal home options

"After a seven-year campaign, Portland on Sunday formally lifted a series of 97-year-old bans on seven different types of homes."

Mentions: Residential Infill Project

Waste Dive — July 16, 2021

City hiring woes and solutions; New $16B pitch for recycling infrastructure

"...leaders in Portland, Oregon, seek to widen their worker candidate pools."

Mentions: Waste Equity Workplan

Bloomberg Philanthropies — July 14, 2021

Bloomberg Philanthropies Recognizes 16 U.S. Cities For Using Data Most Effectively

"Data-informed strategies have enabled these newly Certified cities to increase resident satisfaction, reduce carbon emissions, address homelessness, and more."

Mentions: Portland's use of data to improve public services and engagement and increase transparency.

C40 Cities — July 8, 2021

A ‘Letter to Nature’ in Portland from Mayor Ted Wheeler

"Nature breathes life into our cities. As part of a new campaign to highlight the importance of urban nature to our everyday lives, C40 has invited ... thought leaders from cities around the world to write a ‘Letter to Nature’."

Mentions: Environmental Overlay Zones, Climate Action