City Recruitment's During COVID-19

News Article
All external recruitment are currently suspended until further notice, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. #StayHomeSaveLives

As the City works to ensure our existing workforce is equipped to address the impacts of COVID-19, we have made the decision to suspend all external recruitments effective March 17, 2020. All positions scheduled to close this week will remain as scheduled.

Open continuous announcements will close at the end of this week, Friday March 20th. The open continuous Police Officer announcement will continue to be advertised externally due to the unique demands associated with recruiting, selecting and onboarding for these roles.

All newly posted (i.e posted on Monday, March 16th) external positions will be converted to internal recruitments by close of business March 18, 2020.

Any existing external applicants will be included in the final pool if individuals successfully meet minimum qualifications. If your preference is for the recruitment to be cancelled versus converting to internal, please contact the Senior Recruiter assigned to your area.

(updated 3.23.20) Internal recruitments and transfer lists will be available to fill critical needs. Critical is defined as roles directly responsible for ensuring all safety and compliance related guidelines and policies are appropriately implemented and maintained. Utilization of external existing, resurrected and comparable lists are now suspended, unless approved by the HR Director or delegate.

The Recruitment team will continue to post internal recruitment announcements, advertising on a weekly basis.

If you are currently reviewing applicants through a BHR or SME review, complete this action and notify the Senior Recruiter, per standard process.

PCT Exams
(updated 3.23.20) PCTs are suspended for external candidates and hires, unless approved by the HR Director or delegate. If a candidate previously scheduled a PCT they may complete the test, however, effective March 25th new requests will not be fulfilled, until the state of emergency concludes. Any external candidates who are currently in the selection process and have not completed a PCT will not be eligible to move forward in the selection process until regular PCT and recruitment operations resume. Internal hires should complete the PCT per standard process.

The respirator medical exams that normally have the pulmonary function test (PFT) are still being done, however we are not performing the PFT due to COVID-19 until further notice, so that we do not unnecessarily spread airborne particulate.

All medical surveillance exams that require the PFT are not being scheduled/performed until further notice due to COVID-19.

Providence Occupational Medicine clinics at Bridgeport and The Plaza are closed until further notice for all occupational medicine services due to COVID-19.

The Tanasbourne clinic is screening anyone for symptoms of COVID-19 at the main entrance to the building. Anyone with a fever, cough or other symptoms will not be allowed to go to occupational medicine. They will be escorted to the immediate care for further evaluation.

The Clackamas and Mill Plain clinics are screening everyone who comes in for symptoms. If they display symptoms, they will not be seen and will be told to use Express Care Virtual to speak with a provider or to go to the nearest urgent care for assessment.

Wait times and reporting times of exams will most likely be impacted as a result of COVID-19.

Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, phone or other technologies are now required for selection processes. This provides the opportunity to maintain appropriate social distancing, while continuing selection operations.

The Workforce Recruitment & Training team will be available to answer questions regarding leveraging Skype, Teams or Zoom for interviews. Bureaus are responsible for coordinating interviews.

Offers of Hire
(updated 3.23.20) All current Hire Authorizations that are waiting for processing must be internal hires with critical roles; any external hire authorizations will be suspended effective immediately, unless approved by the HR Director or delegate.

If you have extended an offer with an identified start date, begin to identify methods to train/onboard your new hire virtually. The HRBP and Senior Recruiter assigned to your bureau will be available to assist with developing virtual plans to keep your new hire busy and allow them to successfully transition into the City during these unusual circumstances. If the nature of the role does not allow for virtual onboarding the start date will need to be delayed, then onboarding will be delayed until such time it can be properly provided.

Continue to utilize NEOGOV to disposition candidates and request hire authorizations for selected candidates.

If you have extended an offer and are currently awaiting acceptance or have yet to extend an offer but are planning to do so, please establish the start date as April 30th or after. Proactively begin to build a virtual training/onboarding plan to avoid additional start date extensions, in the event the state of emergency is lengthened. Contact the HRBP and Senior Recruiter for support, if needed.

Electronic Onboarding (ONB)
(updated 3.19.20) Continue to process new hires through SuccessFactors Onboarding. During the state of emergency, all new hire I-9 documentation must be loaded and verified through OneDrive, utilizing the following process:

  1. Complete all steps of the electronic onboarding (ONB) process.
  2. Create a unique password-protected folder through OneDrive for the new hire to load their I-9documentation. Please create a folder for each new employee so they cannot see each other’s documents.
  3. Contact the new hire by phone to discuss the new hire’s onboarding plan and process to review and verify appropriate I-9 documentation. During the phone conversation, verbally provide the unique password to access the link.
  4. After the new hire uploads their documents, review and confirm the I-9 documentation in Onboarding. Do not delete the employee’s documents from OneDrive. Guidance for the remote verification of I-9 documents can be read here:… For any questions regarding Onboarding, please contact Mike Reynolds: michael.reynolds@portlandoregon….

Note: I-9 documentation must be reviewed and verified within the first3 days of employment or prior to the new hire’s first day of work.

Talent Pools
Talent Pools will be created to gather interest from potential applicants. Talent Pools are defined as a database of potential candidates who are interested in working for a specific organization. Talent Pools will focus on recruitment needs identified through requisition submission. Please continue to submit requisitions to enable the Senior Recruiters to identify the best method to gather interest for future recruitments.

Once the recruitment suspension is lifted, Recruiters will work to post requisitions in the queue within 2-3 weeks, depending upon volume. All individuals in talent pools will be notified and invited to apply when new announcements post. Recruitment is also working to launch virtual “How to Apply” workshops, which will provide further engagement opportunities for job seekers. The Bureau of Human Resources remains ready to address your needs and answer any questions. We understand these shifts are not easy and appreciate your understanding, as we work to ensure safety for our workforce.