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Contact and additional information for the Bureau of Human Resources

The City's Bureau of Human Resources provides strategic leadership and management for all citywide human resources systems. The City's Bureau of Human Resources  is responsible for:

  • Providing outreach and recruitment services

  • Assisting bureaus to identify and assess the skills if the City's workforce

  • Developing and maintaining comprehensive human resources policy and systems structures

  • Managing the City's classification and compensation system to ensure consistent pay practices

  • Negotiating labor contracts impacting employees represented in nine different bargaining units

  • Training and developing City employees

  • Providing cost effective employees benefits programs that promote wellness

We are charged with supporting the City's most important "infrastructure" - its employees!

Contact Us

Contact the staff at BHR! Need to speak to a BHR employee right away? Call the Bureau of Human Resources front desk at 503-823-3572 during regular business hours.