A Guide to Civil Service Board Hearings

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An Expedited Hearing or a Formal Hearing?  What is the difference?

Upon receiving a timely appeal of a matter over which the Board has jurisdiction, the Civil Service Board Administrator informs the Appellant (the party who filed the appeal) of the choice between an expedited or a formal hearing.  The Appellant has 14 calendar days to respond to the Civil Service Board Administrator.  An Appellant can use the Notice of Election of Hearing form that is provided on this website.   You can access the forms in the document library here: Documents | Civil Service Board | Portland.gov

If an Appellant fails to elect a hearing type within 14 calendar days, the Civil Service Board Administrator will schedule an expedited hearing.  Below is a guide on the difference between an expedited hearing and a formal hearing.

Expedited Hearings

  • Have scheduling priority and are informal in nature.
  •  No party may be represented by legal counsel at the hearing.
  •  Each party shall be allowed up to 90 minutes to present its case, including witnesses, response to the other party's arguments and questioning witnesses. The Board, at its sole discretion, may extend the time limits.
  •  Exhibits to be considered by the Board must be filed with the Board Administrator by no later than 14 calendar days prior to the date of the hearing.

  • Are open to the public with the exception of disciplinary cases as determined by the Board.

  • The Board shall normally render a "bench" decision to grant or deny the appeal at the conclusion of the hearing.

Formal Hearings

  • Are scheduled as a second priority after expedited hearings. There will be at least 60 days’ notice prior to any hearing date.
  • Either party may be represented at the hearing by legal counsel, although it is not required to have legal counsel at a formal hearing.

  • Exhibits to be considered by the Board must be filed with the Civil Service Board Administrator no later than 30 calendar days prior to the hearing date.
  • Each party must provide the Civil Service Board Administrator and the other parties with a proposed list of witnesses including the general topic of the issues that will be addressed no later than 14 calendar days prior to the hearing. 
  • The Board has the discretion to limit the timeframe in which each party may present its case and the number of witnesses each party may call to testify. 
  • Following the conclusion of the hearing the Board may require the prevailing party to serve proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law upon the Board and to all other parties within 14 calendar days.  The opposing party will have 14 calendar days after service to respond in writing to the Board and the prevailing party.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

You  may click the Frequently Asked Questions page here:  Frequently Asked Questions about the Civil Service Board | Portland.gov

You may also contact the Civil Service Board Administrator for general information regarding procedural matters or to find out the status of your appeal.  The Civil Service Board Administrator cannot give you legal advice.