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Instructions to access the City's new benefits portal, BusinessSolver.
Benefit Summaries, Highlights Guides & Summary Plan Description Booklets
Bloodborne Pathogen Program Guidelines & Exposure Control Plan
The City of Portland is committed to promoting safe work practices to minimize exposure and the incidence of disease caused by these pathogens.
Beginning January 1 2021, we are pleased to announce that CityStrong GuidanceResources® is your new provider of services (formerly Cascade Centers)
City of Portland job classifications
The Deferred Compensation Committee is a collaborative group established within the Deferred Compensation Plan Document. The Committee shall study all matters connected with providing the deferred comp plan on the best basis possible with relation both to the welfare of the participants & the City.
The City of Portland is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer and is committed to providing equitable, inclusive employment opportunities and workplaces for people with disabilities at all levels.  
Deferred Compensation Program Financial Wellness Education
The City of Portland’s benefit coverage supports gender affirming and culturally competent care for our plan participants. Below are some resources available within our Moda and Kaiser plans.
BHR provides employment verification for mortgage applications, reference checks, loan applications, apartment leases, and anything that requires proof of employment.
Summary of wellness options through different City benefit plans offered to employees.
The Bureau of Human Resources Administrative Rules for the City of Portland
The Labor Management Benefits Committee is a collaborative group established within many of the City's unions and is responsible for making healthcare plan design recommendations to City Council on an annual basis.
Occupational Health & Wellness program is to ensure that all personnel work safely and effectively during their careers and maintain healthy lifestyle choices continuing into their retirement.
Guidelines for the Dispensing of Medical Countermeasures to City of Portland Employees and Households in a Public Health Emergency
Instructions to access the City's new benefits portal, BusinessSolver.
City of Portland Employee Benefits Open Enrollment for 2021
Learn about your benefits options and how to make your selections.

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