Employee Fitness Classes

Two people dressed in fitness multicolored pastel clothing with looks of mock surprise on their faces. They are holding yoga mats and a kettlebell. One wears a sweatband.
Group exercise classes for City employees

Who:  For all City of Portland Employees.

What:  A pilot program of group exercise classes brought to you by the CityStrong well-being team. 

Where: The Group Fitness Room, 0014 in the basement of the Portland Building. 

When: Mid-day; various dates and times. Please find the class schedule and sign-up link at Occupational Health and Well-being: CityStrong Fitness Classes or at the QR code below.

To attend, you will need to sign up for the fitness classes (below) AND ensure you havebadge access to the fitness center facilities at the Portland Building. For badge access, please fill out this waiver: THE PORTLAND BUILDING BASEMENT MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION AND LIABILITY WAIVER.

Reach out to CityStrong@portlandoregon.gov with any questions or concerns. 

QR code for fitness class sign up which can be found here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/citystrongfitnesspdx?useFullSite=true
QR Code to sign up for employee fitness classes.



Occupational Health and Well-being Program