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Register or Decommission a UIC

Registration is required for all City-owned UICs, including those in the right-of-way or on City-owned properties. Find the forms and process to register or decommission sumps, soakage trenches, hybrids, or other facilities that infiltrate stormwater below ground.
Photo looking down an underground injection control facility (UIC). Which looks like a concrete shaft with smalls holes on the side for water to seep out.
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How to Register a UIC

The registration and permitting process for City-owned UICs is managed by Environmental Services under the City’s Water Pollution Control Facilities (WPCF) Underground Injection Control (UIC) Stormwater Permit permit, which is different from rule authorization or permitting of private UICs. See Chapter 1 in the Stormwater Management Manual for more information.

  • New UICs for the right-of-way: The Environmental Services UIC Permit Program manages the registration and permitting of City-owned UICs proposed for construction or redevelopment. Public works permit applicants should notify the City at the 30% design phase if UICs are being considered for infiltration of runoff from the public right-of-way. Environmental Services will complete the review in accordance with WPCF permit requirements and provide a notice to proceed when it determines the proposed UIC meets permit requirements. For design requirements for City-owned sumps, please refer to Section in the Stormwater Management Manual.

  • New UICs on City-owned property outside of the right-of-way: Any UIC managing stormwater runoff from a City-owned or managed property outside of the public right-of-way, such as roofs or parking lots, must be registered and permitted by the City and processed in accordance with the City’s WPCF permit. Pretreatment is likely required for UICs registered on a City-owned property.

  • Existing UICs that need to be registered. Any existing, unregistered UIC found in the right-of-way or on City-owned property needs to be registered as soon as discovered.

  • UICs on private streets: A UIC on a private street is not registered and permitted by the City. Applicants must apply directly to State of Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) UIC program for rule authorization or a permit. The design requirements for these facilities are in Chapter 3 of the City's Stormwater Management Manual.

Registration Process

Step 1. Complete Application Form

Applicants for proposed UICs in the public right-of-way or on City-owned property should file a registration form with Environmental Services early in the design process — at either the 30% or 60% design phase.

Download and complete the top portion of the UIC Registration and Approval Form. A separate form is required for each UIC.

Please provide as much of the following information is known. Incomplete forms are accepted.

  • UIC type (sump, hybrid, perforated pipe, etc.)
  • Latitude and longitude in decimal degrees
  • UIC depth
  • Pretreatment type
  • Square footage of impervious drainage area
  • Design discharge rate in gallons per minute

Step 2. Provide Supporting Documents

In addition to the completed form, please attach supporting documentation which could include:

  • Engineering plans
  • Geotech reports
  • Maps and/or as-built drawings

Step 3. Submit Materials

Submit completed forms and supporting materials to

Review and Approval Process

After the form is received, the Environmental Services UIC Permit Program staff will confirm compliance. If the design does not meet the compliance requirements, our staff will contact you to discuss options.

Once the UIC is approved, Environmental Services will provide a DEQ registration number. The DEQ registration number must be added to the plans prior to inspection. Please use the table template provided in the Stormwater Management Manual Section 4.2.2 to record the DEQ registration number and the approved UIC depth on the appropriate plan sheet. 

How to Decommission or Retrofit a UIC

DEQ must be notified a minimum of 30 days before decommissioning or retrofitting a UIC sump, as outlined in the City’s UIC Management Plan Appendix D: Decommissioning Procedure for UIC Systems. An inspection is required prior to decommissioning. The inspection may lead to required sampling. Refer to the Section 1.7.2 or the Stormwater Management Manual.

Related Code and Rules

The UIC permit requires permittees to adopt, update, and maintain adequate legal authority to control and enforce pollutant discharges. See related Portland City Code: