Stormwater Facility Monitoring

An Environmental Services employee standing next to a green street facility with equipment outside of their truck ready to begin monitoring.
Environmental Services has an ongoing monitoring program to test and confirm the performance of stormwater facility designs in the Stormwater Management Manual. Learn more about this program and find monitoring reports on this webpage.

State regulations require Environmental Services to verify that stormwater facility designs in the Stormwater Management Manual adequately protect waterways and infrastructure. The focus is typically on newer approaches and design changes intended to improve performance or reduce construction and maintenance costs. In some cases, local academic researchers have contributed valuable research and reports, either in partnership with Environmental Services or independently.

Monitoring Reports

Below are reports written by Environmental Services and other entities over the last ten years. Monitoring results before 2013 are summarized in a general report. 

Summary Reports for All Facility Types

Green Street Facilities

Water quality results for lined green streets, 2019


One year of water quality data for the Walmart ecoroof, 2020
Three years of hydrologic data for the Walmart ecroroof, 2020
Survey of water quality results for six Portland ecoroofs, 2019

Other Facility Types and Reports

Water quality bench tests for permeable pavement, 2023