Request Technical Assistance for Drainage Issues on Your Property

Environmental Services can provide on-site technical help for drainage issues on your property. We can help you pick safe options to manage the rain on your property or find solutions to drainage problems. You can schedule an appointment for a site visit or contact us with questions.

Finding the Right Contact

This service is for drainage issues on private property only.

If you are concerned about drainage in the public right-of-way, please contact the following:  

Instructions for Submitting a Request

Please gather the following information and provide it in your request:

  • Name 
  • Property address 
  • Preferred way to contact you (phone or email) during business hours 
  • Describe the drainage issue and where it is on your property 
  • Optional - Attach photos that show the issue (if applicable)  

Submit your request via phone (503-823-5858) or email (

We will follow up with you within five business days.  


Private Property Drainage Inquiries

Environmental Services
phone number503-823-5858For questions from home and business owners about safe ways to manage the rain on their property or solutions to drainage problems.