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Options for the 2-year Maintenance Warranty for Public Works Permit Applicants

At the end of the 2-year maintenance warranty, public works permit applicants must deliver to the City well-established and functioning stormwater management facilities. Environmental Services offers applicants two options for maintenance during the warranty period.

The City of Portland's Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM) provides complete instructions and requirements for facility condition. For more information about the inspection process see Chapter 4 of the 2020 SWMM.

Environmental Services offers applicants two options for maintenance during the 2-year maintenance warranty period. Applicants can choose to pay a service fee during the permitting process to have Environmental Services design, procure, install, and maintain the plants in permitted stormwater facilities in the right-of-way.

Option 1: Permittee Maintains Facilities

With this traditional method, a permittee must follow the Standard O&M Plan from the SWMM. A permittee must submit the O&M Form, maintain a Public Stormwater Facility Inspection Log, and perform all the Standard O&M Plan tasks to meet the requirements of inspections during the 2‐year maintenance warranty period. For more information about the inspection process, see the SWMM.

Option 2: Environmental Services Maintains

With this option, a permittee enters into an agreement for vegetation services with Environmental Services for design, plant procurement, installation, and maintenance of plant materials during the 2‐year maintenance warranty period. With this option, facilities are exempt from vegetation inspections during the warranty period. However, the permittee is still responsible for other permit elements such as structural components and inlets. Permittees do not need to submit an O&M Plan but must still complete the O&M Form.

Permit applicants interested in Option 2 can contact Environmental Services Green Street Operations and Maintenance for a free consultation.

At a Glance: Options and Permittee Responsibilities

Below is a sampling of the maintenance activities required as part of the Standard O&M Plan for the 2-year maintenance warranty period and which are permittee requirements according to each option. For a complete overview of maintenance requirements, see the SWMM.

Maintenance ActivityOption 1Option 2
TaskPermitteePermitteeBES WRP
Complete a Standard O&M Plan
Ensure vegetation is healthy and vigorous following installation
Remove dead or dying vegetation
Plant replacements
Remove weeds before plants set seed
Replace dead, dying, or injured trees
Maintain soil elevations and grades per plan
Apply and maintain mulch per plan
Keep mulch off structures, roadways, etc.
Submit detailed mulch product information
Remove leaf material from facility
Irrigate during spring, summer, and fall
Remove trash and debris every site visit
Inspect site within 48 hours of major storms
Remove sediment from inlets and forebays
Complete O&M Form