About the STEP Labor-Management-Community Oversight Committee

Environmental Services' Secondary Treatment Expansion Program is the first City project with a project-specific Community Benefits Agreement (CBA). The agreement is one of the City's strategies to diversify the construction industry.

The LMCOC committee meets monthly as part of STEP's legally-binding CBA to review data on how many women and people of color are hired for apprenticeships, workforce, and subcontracting roles in STEP construction projects. Learn more about the City's CBA program.

What is the LMCOC?

The Labor-Management-Community Oversight Committee was created under the terms of Section 9.1 and 9.2 of the CBA in June 2020 to advise on issues related to the implementation of STEP's CBA.

The committee meets monthly with members of the project team from Environmental Services and Kiewit, the project's contractor, to review data on the utilization of women and people of color in apprenticeships, workforce, and subcontracting roles on the project. The LMCOC provides recommendations and advice, both proactively on the Contractor's compliance plans and tools, and retroactively based on actual performance to meet the CBA goals. Working together, the committee and contractor identify opportunities and develop resources with the sole purpose of increasing diversity during construction. The committee is expected to continue through 2024.

Who is on the LMCOC?

Per the CBA, the committee is formed of two representatives from each of the following groups:

  • Environmental Services (project owner) – LMCOC Chair Dawn Uchiyama and Kathleen Brenes-Morua
  • Kiewit (project contractor) – Kent Boden and Rajasegaran Ponniah
  • Construction trade unions – Nathan Stokes and Michael Burch
  • Employers (representatives of the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise contracting community) – Kenechi Onyeagusi and John Jackley
  • Community-based organizations (including state-approved pre-apprenticeship programs) – Kelly Haines and Bill Kowalczyk

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Labor-Management-Community Oversight Committee

Muriel Gueissaz-Teufel

Labor-Management-Community Oversight Committee Chair

Dawn Uchiyama, Environmental Services Interim Director

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