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Enroll in the Submeter Program

To be eligible to participate in the Environmental Services Submeter Program a business must submit a completed application.

Reduced charges or credit can only be granted for those operations and processes identified in the application. Reduced charges or credits cannot be granted for wastewater discharges that occurred prior to acceptance into the program.

To enroll in the program businesses must complete the following steps:

1. Consult with the Submeter Program

Program representatives will advise you on estimated use, meter application, and meter types prior to purchasing and installing a meter.

Contact us by phone or email.

Phone: 503-823-7856

2. Purchase and Install Submeter(s)

Purchase and install the submeter(s) in compliance with Portland City Code 17.36.050 and Administrative Rule ENB 4.32.

3. Submit a completed Submeter Program Application Form

Download and complete the application form below. Include information about your system and the type of submeter planned or installed. Prepare a diagram of your submeter installation to include with your application.

You may return your completed application form by mail or email.

Email to: 

Mail to:
Submeter Program
City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services
Water Pollution Control Laboratory
6543 N. Burlington Ave.
Portland, OR 97203

4.  Follow Up with Submeter Inspections

Meet with Submeter Program representative for inspection of submeter(s). You may be required to complete any changes or modifications necessary to comply with Portland City Code 17.36.050 and Administrative Rule ENB-4.32.