Mobile Washer Discharge Authorization Request and Annual Certification

City code prohibits mobile washing businesses from discharging wash water to the City's stormwater system. Discharge to the sanitary sewer requires authorization before discharging and annual certification. Find application and certification forms and instructions.

Request Mobile Washer Authorization

Businesses needing to discharge wash water from mobile washing activities to the sanitary sewer system should complete the authorization request form. Submit a completed application along with a Work Plan and Site Drainage Map for each customer’s property.

Submit Annual Certification

Each year, businesses must submit for annual certification certifying that they follow best management practices. To submit annual certification, complete the form below.

Forms can be mailed or emailed to the Mobile Washer Certification program.

Pay Fee

The annual program fee is $170. The annual fee assists in recovering costs associated with permitting, inspecting, and monitoring facilities that meet the City’s ADCM requirements.  The fee is billed at the start of the fiscal year in July.


Mobile Washer Certification

Mailing address

Mobile Washers: Water Pollution Control Lab
6543 N Burlington Avenue
Portland, OR 97203