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Apply for Batch Discharge Authorization to the Sewer or Stormwater Systems

Batch discharge authorizations are issued to businesses or projects that need to discharge to the sanitary sewer or, in rare cases, to the stormwater system. Discharges are limited in volume, duration, and frequency. Learn how to apply for discharge authorization procedure on this page.
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Batch Discharge Requirements

Before submitting an application for Batch Discharge Authorization, please review the requirements in the Guide for Batch Discharge Authorization to the City's Sewer or Stormwater System.

How to Apply

Please submit an application at least two weeks prior to planned discharge.

Step 1: Complete the Batch Discharge Authorization Application

The application must be complete to be accepted by the City, including all maps, diagrams, safety data sheets, or analytical results. 

Samples must be analyzed in accordance with 40 CFR Part 136, "Guidelines Establishing Test Procedures for The Analysis of Pollutants." The analytical results must be submitted to the City for review and approval prior to discharge. If wastewater samples fail to meet discharge limits, additional treatment and sampling will be required.

Step 2: Submit Completed Application

Email the completed application to BatchDischarge@portlandoregon.g….

Emailed applications are preferred, however, you can also mail your application to:

City of Portland Environmental Services
Water Pollution Control Lab
Attn: Batch Discharge Program
6543 N Burlington Ave
Portland, OR 97203-5452

Step 3: Receive Batch Discharge Authorization

The City will review and either approve or deny the application. The City reserves the right to reasonably deny applications or revoke authorizations at any time. Please allow a minimum of two weeks for processing. Incomplete or unsigned applications cannot be processed.

If denied, the City will specify the next steps, which may be to resubmit the application or to find another method of legal disposal.

If approved, the City will issue a Batch Discharge Authorization. Discharges must meet the specified discharge conditions and timeframe of allowable discharge.

Extensions or revisions must be requested or prior to the expiration date.

Step 4: Close Authorization

To close the authorization, a final summary report must be completed and submitted by the due date signed by the authorization holder. The final report document will be sent to you when you receive authorization.

The City will calculate charges and invoice for the authorization fee ($195) and volume ($13.00 per 100 cubic feet) or other charges if applicable. Please pay the invoice once received.

Additional Resources

If you have any questions, the Guide for Batch Discharge Authorization to the City's Sewer or Stormwater System provides more resources, information, and answers to commonly asked questions.