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Craft Fermented Beverage Discharge Authorization and Annual Certification

Producers of craft fermented beverages such as kombucha, beer, wine, spirits, or other breweries or distillers, are required to apply for a discharge authorization and then to file annual certification forms each year. Find and download the required forms here.

The application forms take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

To Request Discharge Authorization

Producers of craft fermented beverages must complete and submit the Craft Fermented Beverage Manufacturer Discharge Application form to apply for authorization to discharge to the City's sewer system. Find more information in the Guide to Craft Fermented Beverage Industry Rules.

Mail or email completed forms to the Environmental Services Craft Fermented Beverage Compliance Program.  

To File Annual Compliance Certification

Businesses with authorization to discharge must file annual certification reports each year by October 1 that document best management practices. Follow the steps below to complete the annual certification process.

Step 1. Complete and submit the certification form.

Mail or email completed forms to the Environmental Services Craft Fermented Beverage Compliance Program. 

Step 2. Pay fee.

The annual program fee is $170. The annual fee assists in recovering costs associated with permitting, inspecting, and monitoring facilities that meet the City’s ADCM requirements.  The fee is billed at the start of the fiscal year in July.

For More Information

Contact the Environmental Services Craft Fermented Beverage Compliance Program. Contact information on this page. 


Craft Fermented Beverage Compliance Program

Environmental Services

Mailing address

Craft Fermented Beverages: Water Pollution Control Lab
6543 N Burlington Avenue
Portland, OR 97203