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The City of Portland recognizes Juneteenth as a formal day of remembrance to honor Black American history and the end of slavery in the United States. Learn about Juneteenth.

Alternative Discharge Control Mechanisms

Alternative Discharge Control Mechanisms (ADCMs) authorize businesses to discharge wastewater to the City of Portland's sanitary sewer system. Learn more about the different types of ADCMs on this page.

What is an ADCM?

ADCMs are typically issued to industries that regularly discharge to the sanitary sewer and typically require the implementation of best management practices (BMPs) and annual recertification. Find more information about these business types that require ADCMs:

  1. Dental Amalgam:  An ADCM is required for dental offices that place or replace dental amalgam and discharge wastewater to the sanitary sewer system. For new facilities, the ADCM requires an initial compliance certification and an annual compliance certification. Existing facilities require an annual compliance certification. The ADCM requires affected facilities to implement BMPs to ensure mercury to the sanitary sewer is minimized.
  2. Craft Fermented Beverages: An ADCM is required for craft fermented beverage manufacturers who discharge wastewater to the sewer system. The ADCM is for those industries whose discharges fall below the volume requirement for a traditional industrial wastewater discharge permit.
  3. Mobile Washing: An ADCM is required for all mobile washing businesses collecting and discharging wash water into the sanitary sewer system. Wash water is prohibited from entering the stormwater system. 


Industrial Wastewater Permitting

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