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Sewage Advisory: Crews stop sewer overflow in NE Portland

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Homeless and living in an RV: Environmental Services pilot program collected wastewater from 192 RVs in 3 months; pollution prevention program extended

Following the success of a three-month pilot pollution prevention program, Environmental Services is continuing collecting wastewater from people who are homeless and living in RVs. If you need an RV pump out, call 503-865-6884.

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Environmental Services requests public comment on proposed changes to policies regarding permitting of sewer connections or lateral repairs in the public right-of-way

Environmental Services is proposing updates to three administrative rules, ENB-4.17, ENB-4.33, and ENB-4.15, that govern permitting of sewer connections and lateral repairs in the public right-of-way or sewer easement. The public comment period is closed.

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Give your views on improving erosion control during construction activity

The City of Portland is updating its erosion control requirements to better manage soils and sediments on construction sites and reduce development impacts on the environment. Your ideas and suggestions on an early draft are welcome.

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CSO Advisory: Atmospheric river leads to combined sewer overflow to Willamette River

An advisory is in effect through 4:30 p.m. Sunday, November 14, 2021; avoid contact with river water downstream of the Ross Island Bridge due to increased bacteria.

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Big Pipe reaches 10-year milestone; new online tracker lets public see in real-time how Willamette River stays sewage-free

A decade of data show how Portlanders’ investment in the Big Pipe system is working to send sewage and stormwater to the City’s treatment plant and make overflows rare. The new Big Pipe Tracker lets the public see the system in action.

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Major improvements underway for Portland’s main wastewater treatment plant

Environmental Services is undergoing major construction at the City’s main wastewater treatment plant to protect water quality, replace aging infrastructure, and add seismic resilience. Construction is slated for 2024 completion and service will continue 24/7/365

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RiverViews, Fall 2021

RiverViews is a newsletter from the Bureau of Environmental Services — your sewer and stormwater services provider. In this issue, Environmental Services would like to reconnect with you about how we can all work together to protect public health, water quality, and the environment.


Joint City Statement on Hate Crimes

Our core values as a City include anti-racism and equity. Every Portlander and everyone visiting our city deserves to be welcomed and to feel that they belong. They should encounter a Portland free of bias and hate, where they do not fear for their safety and security.

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Sewer Connections: Permits Required for Sewer Connection and Repair

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Portland Utility Bureaus Are Prepared for West Coast Chlorine Shortage

As the region experiences a chlorine supply shortage, Portland’s drinking water remains safe and wastewater treatment continues

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Environmental Services proposes revisions to Administrative Rule ENB-4.05 Systems Development Charges for Sewer and Stormwater

Environmental Services is making changes to ENB-4.05 regarding systems development charges for sewer and stormwater. Proposed changes align with citywide initiatives and define new business types for better clarity. The public comment period is now closed.

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