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Sewage Advisory: Wipes, grease clog pipe, cause sewage overflow to SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, Fanno Creek

Press Release

City crews last night stopped a sewage overflow near the 3200 block of SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, identifying the cause as wipes and grease from a nearby apartment complex that clogged a  pipe and maintenance access hole. 

Environmental Services estimates that about 5,000 gallons overflowed to the street, with an unknown amount reaching Fanno Creek. Environmental Services advises the public to avoid contact with Fanno Creek downstream of the area for at least 48 hours, and heed warning signs posted alongside the roadway. 

Warning sign - sewage spill do not enter

Crews responded around 5 p.m. and stopped the release around 10:20 p.m. 

Environmental Services reminds the public that most sewage overflows are preventable. The most common causes are grease, tree roots, wet wipes, and other debris that clog and block pipes.   

Environmental Services advises the public to follow these tips to prevent clogs in homes and businesses, and to prevent sewage releases:

  • Never pour grease down drains: Collect grease, oil, and fat in a can and then into the garbage. Grease that is liquid when poured down drains will become solid once in pipes.
  • Only flush human waste and toilet paper (wet wipes are NOT flushable).
  • Don’t put anything down storm drains, which are intended for rainfall only. 

If you experience or see a sewer overflow, call the City of Portland’s 24/7 hotline: 503-823-1700.  

About Environmental Services

Environmental Services - the City of Portland’s sewer and stormwater utility - protects public health and environment by collecting and recovering resources from the city’s wastewater, managing stormwater, and restoring and protecting Portland’s rivers, streams, and watersheds. 


Diane Dulken

Public Information Officer