Sewage Advisory: Crews respond and stop overflow to church parking lot on SW 18th and Jefferson

Press Release

City crews last night responded to an overflow of water and sewage that was contained within the parking lot of a church at SW Jefferson and 18th Avenue. 

Two signs that say: “Warning: Sewage Spill - do not enter” placed in the parking lot. A large puddle is seen in back of the signs
Warning signs placed in the parking lot at the site of the spill

Crews responded around 10 p.m. and stopped the flow around 2 a.m. Clean up continues.

Warning signs have been posted in and around the parking lot advising passersby to avoid the area of the spill. The signs will be removed when clean up is complete. 

The release is estimated at 40,000 gallons. City crews had been repairing a sunken area of roadway. A water main at the site ruptured and the flow backed up into a sewer line, sending the mixture to the parking lot.  

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Diane Dulken

Public Information Officer