Advisory: Sewage released to Columbia Slough while crews repair deteriorated pipe at wastewater treatment plant

Press Release

A sewage release occurred today at the City of Portland’s Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant as crews were repairing a deteriorated pipe, and crews estimate that a portion of the flow reached the Columbia Slough near a popular pedestrian and bicycling bridge. 

Map of trail just north of Columbia Boulevard Treatment Plant

The Columbia Slough Trail bridge, also known as the Peninsula Crossing bridge, remains open and unaffected. The public is advised to avoid contact with the waters of the slough near that bridge for 48 hours due to increased bacteria. 

Crews were installing a new sewer line at the plant at 5001 N Columbia Boulevardwhen a portion of the old pipe broke. The breakage occurred at 10:25 a.m. and crews stopped the flow within 20 minutes.  Additional repairs are ongoing. 

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Diane Dulken

Public Information Officer