Sewage Advisory: Overflow from private system at SW 40th Avenue leads to tributary of Fanno Creek

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(April 6, 2021) - City crews yesterday responded to a sewage release from a privately-owned system at 7937 SW 40th Avenue, stopping the release and posting warning signs in the immediate area. 

This is the second release at this location this year. The cause is unknown. The City is contacting property management to make additional repairs and is further investigating these incidents.

In Monday’s incident, crews responded around 4:30 p.m. and stopped the release within the hour. They estimated about 25 gallons of sewage overflowed in that hour from a maintenance access hole on the property’s parking lot, through a private storm system and to a small creek that flows through a steep, forested edge of Gabriel Park and to Fanno Creek.

The public is advised to heed warning signs posted in the parking lot. Due to the possibility of elevated levels of bacteria in the water, the public also is advised to avoid contact with the creek around and downstream of SW Multnomah Boulevard & SW 45th Avenue.


Original news release below: 

(February 26, 2021) – City crews responded to reports of a sewage overflow last night found a slow-moving discharge from a privately-owned sewer and stormwater system at 7937 SW 40th Avenue

The sewage overflowed from a maintenance access hole on the property’s parking lot, to a stormwater pipe on the property, eventually draining to a small tributary of Fanno Creek near the intersection of SW 45th Avenue and SW Multnomah Boulevard.  

Sign posted near manhole says “Warning - sewage spill. Do NOT enter” Two hazard cones are also posted by the manhole
Warning sign posted by the maintenance access hole where the sewage release originated

The sewage release is ongoing. The cause is unknown. Environmental Services continues to investigate and is contacting the property owner to make repairs. Because the release is from a privately-owned system, Environmental Services also is referring the incident to the Bureau of Development Services for additional investigation and action.

City crews posted warning signs in the area. Due to the possibility of elevated levels of bacteria in the water,  the public is advised to avoid contact with the creek downstream of SW Multnomah Boulevard & SW 45th Avenue.

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Diane Dulken

Public Information Officer