Invasive Plant: Meadow Hawkweed

Photo shows a small cluster of bright yellow flowers.
Formerly listed as yellow hawkweed, meadow hawkweed is on the Required Eradication List. All sightings should be reported. Learn more about how to report this plant.

At a Glance

  • Photo shows a small cluster of bright yellow flowers.
    Scientific name: Hieracium pratense (H. cespitosum)
  • Stems and leaves exude milky juice when broken.
  • Stems are bristly and usually leafless, a small leaf sometimes appears near the midpoint.
  • Stems can reach three feet tall and bear up to 30 half inch flower heads near the top.
  • Yellow flowers appear from May to July depending on elevation.
  • Oregon Department of Agriculture noxious weed rank: B
  • Report patches of this plant? Yes. City code lists this as a Required Eradication species. Report all sightings to Portland’s Environmental Services (contact information on this page). Management of this plant is required, but free help is available.