Microsoft CrowdStrike technology outage

Some City of Portland systems were impacted. Call 3-1-1 or 503-823-4000 with questions or non-emergency reports. Beware of cyber criminals impersonating CrowdStrike or other tech support. Information for City of Portland employees

Jack and Bore

Jack and Bore is a trenchless method of sewer construction. It is suitable for installing short pipe runs in stable and dry soils without large boulders.

Crews dig a sending pit and a receiving pit to install a new sewer pipe. They place a jack and bore machine in the sending pit and cut a hole underground horizontally from the sending pit to the receiving pit, without disturbing the surface above. As the machine drills the hole, it also functions like a jack hammer to push the new sewer pipe in place.

The work involves the following steps: 

  • Dig a sending and a receiving pit to the required depth.
  • Place a jack and bore machine into the sending pit.
  • Use the machine to cut a hole through the ground and push the new sewer pipe in place.
  • Remove the jack and bore machine.
  • Connect the new pipe to the existing public sewer.
  • Cover open pits with steel plates—or secure the pits with fencing—at the end of each day as needed while work is in progress.
  • Backfill pits with sand or gravel and apply temporary asphalt patches.
  • Conduct quality control inspections.
  • Complete permanent pavement restoration of patched pits after work passes inspections.