SW 13th Avenue Sewer Extension

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Services has completed construction to extend the public sewer 140 feet into SW 13th Avenue between SW Jefferson and SW Columbia streets. This will resolve a nonconforming sewer connection and provide a property an independent connection to the public sewer.
Construction of the public sewer extension has been completed.
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This work is part of the City of Portland’s effort to extend the sewer system to properties without direct access to the public sewer and bring them into compliance with City plumbing codes. The project will help protect public health, property, and the environment by increasing the capacity of the public sewer system, reducing the risk of basement sewer backups, and reducing the likelihood of emergency maintenance work in the future. 

Project Area

The new public sewer was installed in SW 13th Avenue between SW Jefferson and SW Columbia streets.

Location of public sewer extension in SW 13th Ave

What's Happening Now

Crews have completed construction of the public sewer extension. Crews have also completed final pavement restoration where they had to dig pits, install a maintenance hole, and install new public sewer pipes. 

Construction Methods

Crews used Horizontal Directional Drilling to construct the sewer extension in SW 13th Avenue, install the new maintenance access hole just north of SW Columbia Street, and construct the service lateral that will connect a private property to the new public sewer line. This method avoided having to dig large trenches. In addition, only a small section of buried trolley tracks and ties was removed to construct the new maintenance hole.

Crews had to dig small sending and receiving pits. They used a drilling rig to drill a pilot hole and cut a path for the new sewer pipe. Crews installed the new sewer pipe from the surface through the sending pit and then pulled it through the cut path at the receiving pit. Learn more about what Horizontal Directional Drilling involves.

What to Expect During Construction

Environmental Services wants you to know what to expect during construction so you can plan ahead and be prepared. The city's contractors take care to keep noise, vibration, dust, traffic delays, and other potential construction nuisances to a minimum. They also set up safe work zones to protect crews and the public from the hazards associated with construction. 

Learn more about what to expect during construction

After sewer construction work passes inspections, crews return to complete permanent pavement restoration of the sections they had to dig up to install sewer pipes. They also repair any curb and sidewalk panels damaged during construction.

Extreme Weather

When high temperatures, extreme heat, near freezing temperatures, or extreme cold are in the weather forecast, crews may adjust schedules to protect workers from the dangers of heat stress and cold stress. When working in extreme weather environments, all City workers, contractors, and subcontractors must follow Oregon’s OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates and Environmental Services’ Heat Illness Safety and Health Plan and its Cold Stress Safety and Health Plan. You may see crews taking more frequent water and rest breaks, stopping work at noon, and taking other protective measures during extreme weather.

We Want to Hear from You

Environmental Services will inform residents and businesses about project activities and respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner. We encourage you to:

  • With questions or comments, please contact Cheryl Kuck by email or phone 503-823-7898.
  • Please be sure to include your name, property address, and project name (SW 13th Ave Sewer Extension) in your voicemail and email.
  • If your basement sewer backs up or your property or street floods, please report it immediately to the City’s Maintenance Operations hotline at 503-823-1700. It is staffed 24/7, all hours and all days. 

Sign Up for Updates

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This project will help protect the health of the Willamette River Watershed.