NE 6th Drive Pump Station Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Services is designing a project to expand and remodel the 44-year-old NE 6th Drive Pump Station in the East Columbia neighborhood. The upgrades will modernize equipment, increase system capacity, and protect public health and the environment.
The project is in the design phase. Construction is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2023 and take about two years to complete.
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Project Area

The pump station is located on NE 6th Drive at NE Vancouver Way.   

NE 6th Drive Pump Station Project map

What’s Happening Now? 

Throughout the project design process, project team members will visit the pump station and collect information that will help them develop a successful project. You may see crews conducting survey, locating underground utilities, taking soil samples, and doing other field activities. 

Pile Driving Proposed

Design has reached a stage where potential construction methods can be proposed and evaluated. A key goal of this project is to improve the pump station’s resiliency to earthquake damage.  Deep supports or “piles” driven into the deep gravels are the most effective way to provide this earthquake resiliency.

Environmental Services is proposing the use of two different methods to install the earthquake support piles.  First, a vibratory hammer would drive the piles down to a depth of about 100 feet. This type of hammer cuts into the soil using vibration alone, this method is quieter than other methods but may create some minimal vibration.

Second, the piles would be driven down the remaining 10 feet to deep underlying gravel using an impact hammer. This method uses a large hammer to drive the piles down to the bearing material. It can be noisy and creates some noticeable vibration.

Driven piles installed using vibratory and impact hammers are the most cost effective and quickest method to support the pump station. Using this method for this portion of the pump station upgrade will take about four weeks to complete, instead of several months for other support methods. They are also the best way to support the pump station in these soil conditions.

Next Steps

Environmental Services has used this construction method successfully many times. We understand that there may be some concerns about the potential for noise and vibration near the construction site.  Neighbors closest to the NE 6th Drive Pump Station site will be contacted directly to provide more specific information.  Our staff will work directly with potentially affected residents to monitor potential vibration and settlement.  As we approach construction in 2023, we will also work with nearby properties to document existing property conditions ahead of the work beginning.  We encourage you to reach out if you have any concerns.

Project Background 

The NE 6th Drive Pump Station has not had mechanical, electrical, or control system upgrades since its original construction in 1977. The upgrade will include designing and constructing modern equipment and controls that meet current and future demand on the public sewer system.  

Key upgrades at the pump station location include:  

  • Expansion of the current pump station footprint 

  • Improve the earthquake resiliency

  • Upgrade of the sewage pumps to support higher sewage and stormwater input 

  • Upgrade of the wet well, which receives sewage from the neighborhood 

  • Upgrade of the odor control system 

  • Addition of a concrete enclosure for the electrical equipment and an ADA-compliant restroom 

We Want to Hear from You 

Environmental Services will inform businesses and residents about project activities and respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner. Please let us know if you have concerns such as business operations, local access, delivery routes and schedules, or other concerns. 

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