N Mississippi Urgent Sewer Capacity Improvement Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Services has finished a project to reconstruct the public sewer system in N Mississippi Avenue between N Shaver and N Fremont streets. Sewer and stormwater improvements will increase capacity of the 100-year-old sewer, relieve sewer backups, and reduce street flooding.
Construction started in January 2021 and was completed in May 2021.

Project Area

The map below illustrates where this project constructed sewer improvements. The primary construction method for each pipe segment is noted. 

Map of N Mississippi Avenue sewer project construction area
Map of N Mississippi Avenue sewer project construction area

A Note of Appreciation

Thank you to all the neighbors and businesses in the area for your patience, communication, and help in getting this project finished safely and on time during what has been a challenging year for everyone.

This project has expanded the capacity of the sewer system on N Mississippi and will help alleviate sewer backups to multiple properties that either experienced or were at risk of backups. The project team and contractor, Titan Utilities, worked with the business community throughout the COVID-19 restrictions, while at the same time maintaining access to the businesses directly impacted by our work. The project was postponed in the Summer of 2020 to allow the businesses along Mississippi to utilize their outdoor seating areas and help bring folks to the neighborhood to shop and eat.

Now that this important sewer work is complete, let's get back out to N Mississippi Avenue and show our appreciation to these small businesses. Visit the Historic Mississippi Avenue Businesses Association's webpage to view upcoming deals and events, explore the variety of local businesses, and to learn about this iconic street.

Healthy Business Permits

Environmental Services is coordinating efforts with PBOT’s Healthy Businesses Program. If you have questions or need information regarding the Healthy Business Program, email pbotbusinesstoolkit@portlandoregon.gov

For More Information

If you have further questions or comments regarding the N Mississippi Urgent Sewer Capacity Project, contact Joe or Debbie by emailing Joe.Tursi@portlandoregon.gov or Debbie.Caselton@portlandoregon.gov with “Mississippi” in the subject line. If you experience a sewer backup or basement flooding, call the maintenance hotline immediately at 503-823-1700. It is staffed 24/7.