Lair Hill Sewer Project

Sewer and Stormwater
The Lair Hill Sewer Project will replace or repair aging sewer pipes and extend the public sewer system in the Lair Hill Neighborhood. This project will protect public health and the environment by reducing the possibility of sewage releases to homes, businesses, and streets.
The project is currently in the pre-design phase. Construction is expected to begin in early 2024 and should take about a year to complete.

Project Location

The general project boundaries are I-405 in the north, I-5 to the east, SW Bancroft to the south, and SW Terwilliger Blvd to the west. 

Illustrated Map for the Lair Hill Sewer Project
Proposed pipe work for the Lair Hill Sewer Project

What's Happening Now?

The Lair Hill Sewer Project is in the predesign phase. Throughout the spring and summer of 2022 crews will be in the area to perform investigative activities. Activities include marking the location of sewer pipes and underground utilities with temporary paint, surveying the land, and collecting soil samples. 

During surveying and utility marking, crews will paint markings on the street in different colors. They may also place small flags in the ground, or wooden stakes with ribbons. A list of the colors and meanings can be found at Pre-Construction Activities. 

When a public utility is near a sewer pipe, stormwater pipe, or other critical structure, it may be necessary to dig a small hole to locate the utility precisely. This activity is called “potholing.” Work crews will drill eight-inch-wide holes in the public right-of-way at locations within the project area where project designers need better information about the location of underground utilities. 

There may be brief periods of noise, dust, and mild vibration during drilling. When potholing is complete, crews will fill in the holes and apply an asphalt patch. 

While local access to private driveways will be always maintained, access may be delayed. On-street parking will be temporarily removed within the work area. 

Project Background

The project scheduled for your neighborhood is part of the city’s program to maintain and upgrade the public sewer system. In the early 1900s, when Portland was growing rapidly, the city built hundreds of miles of sewers. Since most sewer pipes have a lifespan of about 100 years, Portland is now facing an urgent need to modernize our aging system.   

Environmental Services has launched a large-scale effort to repair or replace the highest priority pipes throughout the city. Your neighborhood will experience a temporary disruption but will benefit from the improved infrastructure.  

The city is replacing aging and deteriorating sewer pipes with modern materials. These materials are more resistant to blockages than the materials used 80 to 100 years ago. The updates will provide a safe, efficient, and reliable sewer system for your neighborhood and the city. 

We Want to Hear From You

We would like to hear from you about special events, school activities, and community services in your neighborhood you think may be impacted by this project. Also, we want to know if you have any concerns related to business operations, disability or mobility issues, medical or business deliveries, and proposed night work. Your input will help us minimize the impact to your neighborhood during construction. 

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