Irving Park Stormwater Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Services and Portland Parks & Recreation are collaborating on a project to build nature patches and rain gardens to manage stormwater in Irving Park. The project will help prevent nearby flooding, sewer basement backups, and sewage overflows into the Willamette River during storms.
Nature patch work was completed in February 2021. Rain garden and green street planter design is in progress and will continue through summer 2022. Construction of the rain gardens and green street planters is currently scheduled to begin summer 2023.
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This project will bring natural elements to Irving Park that will work to project public health and the environment but will also add beauty and foster wildlife habitat.

The nature patches and rain gardens will capture large volumes of rain that flow off the park’s hilly and compacted terrain. Capturing stormwater is especially important during heavy rains to reduce flooding and to help prevent the public sewer system from being filled to capacity, potentially backing up into basements or overflowing into rivers and streams.

As part of this project, two green street planters will be built on 7th Avenues just north and south of San Rafael Street. The green street planters will capture stormwater that collects and ponds in this area during storms.

Project Area

Below is a map that shows the general locations of the nature patches and rain gardens in Irving Park. As part of this project, two green street planters will be built on 7th Avenues just north and south of San Rafael Street where flooding is a reoccurring issue. 

What’s Happening Now?

Nature Patches

Portland Parks & Recreation completed nature patch work in February 2021.  Click here to learn more about the nature patches and to sign up for future planting events in other locations. 

Rain Gardens and Green Street Planters

Environmental Services will continues to design rain gardens in Irving Park and green street planters on 7th Avenue and San Rafael Street through summer 2022.  The rain gardens will capture excessive stormwater downslope of the nature patch as well as from the basketball and tennis courts.  The green street planters will capture stormwater that collects and ponds at 7th Avenue and San Rafael during heavy rain.

Example of a rain garden near the Irving Park basketball courts

We Want to Hear from You

We would like to hear from you about special events, school activities, and community services in your neighborhood you think might be impacted by this project. Also, we want to know if you have any concerns related to how this project might impact your use of Irving Park. Your input will help us retain what you enjoy about Irving Park and minimize the impact to your neighborhood during construction. 

Percent (%) for Green

This project is partially funded by Environmental Services’ Percent (%) for Green program which supports construction of green street planters, rain gardens, and nature patches in the City of Portland that manage stormwater, enhance livability, and provide other environmental benefits. About Percent for Green Grants |

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