Hillsdale Northwest Sewer Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Services, your sewer and stormwater utility, is beginning the design stage of the Hillsdale Northwest Sewer Project. This project will repair or replace approximately 8,313 feet of 100–120-year-old public sewer pipes throughout your neighborhood.
Construction is anticipated to begin in Spring 2025 and take a year and a half to complete.
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Project Area

E11355 Hillsdale Northwest Simplified Map

This project is taking place in the Northern section of the Hillsdale neighborhood. Pipes in need of repair are located in streets, yards, and natural areas. Many of the streets are narrow or steep, which can create access challenges during construction. Environmental Services will work with neighbors and businesses in the area to help reduce these impacts during construction.

Due to the topography and layout of the Hillsdale neighborhood many sewer pipes that were built in the 1920's were constructed with the shortest and often easiest route to the river, where the sewer system ended. This means that many of the sewer pipes in your neighborhood cross through private property or along ravines and creeks that make their way towards the Willamette River. Thanks to the Big Pipe Project, sewage is now diverted away from the river and overflows are rare.

What's Happening Now

Over the next few weeks and months, crews will be in the neighborhood locating utilities, surveying, inspecting sewer pipes and manholes with closed circuit TV, and drilling to take soil and pavement samples. This information will help engineers decide which locations need repair and what construction methods are best for each location.

These information-gathering activities typically occur over time, rather than all at once. Visit the Preconstruction Activities webpage for a description of activities that occur before the sewer work can take place.

What to Expect During Soil Sampling

The soil sampling holes will be a few inches in diameter and will be filled immediately after the sampling is completed. This work may require temporary lane restrictions and on-street parking closures. There may be brief periods of noise, dust, and mild vibration during drilling. Work at each location will last approximately two to four hours.

Public Right-of-Way Access

Most information-gathering activities will occur in the public right-of-way. The public right-of-way includes the street, sidewalks, planting strips, and sometimes undeveloped areas like yards or gravel spaces. In the Hillsdale neighborhood, the public right-of-way often extends well into what appears to be private property, including what can appear to be private front lawns. Crews will be accessing these areas to inspect, maintain, and repair public sewer pipes and maintenance holes.

Public Sewer Easements and Private Property

In addition to public right-of-way access, there are multiple locations where the city has public sewer easements and where sewer easements do not exist. Crews may need to access private property for survey, other information-gathering activities, and eventual possible sewer repairs. City outreach staff will coordinate with affected property owners and tenants for access to public sewer pipes and maintenance holes.

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