Hillsdale Crest Sewer Repair Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Services is repairing public sewer pipes in the Hillsdale, Bridlemile, and Southwest Hills neighborhoods of Southwest Portland. This project will help keep stormwater and groundwater out of sanitary sewers in the area.
Construction started in the Fall of 2020 and is anticipated to last about one year.
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When stormwater and groundwater flows into sewer pipes designed to carry only sanitary sewage, it can cause sewer pipes to overflow and drain into ditches or nearby waterways. The Hillsdale Crest project will repair more than 16,000 linear feet of aging sewer pipe, much of which is more than 50 years old. The project will help keep stormwater and groundwater out of the system and ensure that the system has the capacity to safely carry sewage to treatment.

Project Area

What's Happening Now

Final Street Repaving - Weather Permitting

Final street paving is being completed over the coming weeks, as weather permits.   

There is often a period of inactivity between the completion of sewer construction and final trench paving, usually because of wet or cold weather and paving subcontractor availability. During winter, pavers are in high demand on relatively dry warm days, and it can be difficult to schedule them. Sometimes the contractor schedules paving during what is forecast to be good weather conditions for paving only to have the forecast shift to wet or cold weather that postpones paving. 

Street Restoration (paving) performed by Environmental Services is limited to replacing areas of roadway removed for construction. Most often, this means filling in trenches that were used install sewer pipe and applying an asphalt or concrete patch to the surface.  

Look-Ahead Schedule

Main sewer line repairs have been completed. Crews are completing pavement restoration, cleaning up work sites, and adjusting maintenance holes and cleanouts throughout the project area.  

Work schedules may change due to weather, conditions underground, traffic impacts, subcontractor schedules, and availability of materials. Our contractor will provide notice to residents and businesses near work zones prior to beginning work.   

Construction Methods

The contractor will use open trench excavation and cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP) to construct sewer and stormwater improvements. See the map above for the construction method at each location.

CIPP Construction Odor

When heat (steam) is used to cure or harden the liner during CIPP, people who are nearby may smell an odor that is often described as being similar to plastic or glue. The odor is from the chemical styrene, which is in the resin of the liner. The resin is the part of the liner that reacts with heat and hardens. 

While unpleasant for some, the amount of airborne styrene generated by the CIPP process is not a health risk at the levels observed by the City of Portland and tested and monitored by an independent industrial hygienist. The odor dissipates quickly once the process is complete. 

To keep the resin odors from entering your home or business through your private sewer, fill any floor drains and infrequently used sinks with a small amount of water. This water will collect in the bend in the drain called and block odors from the sewer. 

To find out more about this process, please visit our CIPP information page.

If you smell a chemical odor inside your home during pipe repairs or have other concerns related to the odor, please contact Taryn Meyer with our Coordinated Site Analysis Program. 

Email: Taryn.Meyer@portlandoregon.gov 

Phone: 503-823-8155

What to Expect During Construction

You can expect the following activities and impacts during construction:  

  • Noise, Vibration, and Dust: Construction creates noise, vibration and dust and disrupts normal neighborhood activity. 
  • Traffic Delays: The work will slow down traffic in your neighborhood. Please read the traffic signs and follow directions from the workers with flags. 
  • Access to Your Home or Business: You will be able to go to your home or business, but you may not be able to park as close as you would like. We will try to make sure driveways and parking lot entrances stay open. 
  • Parking Restrictions: We want you to be safe, so you may not be able to park your car next to workspaces, equipment, or materials. If crews are working directly in front of your home or a business, you may need to park in another place. 
  • Equipment Storage: Sometimes we will leave tools, machines, and supplies on your street or in the project work zone overnight. Please stay away from them. 
  • Maintained Service: You can still use sewer, water, and other services while we work on your street. 
  • Work Hours: Work hours are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. Sometimes we work on Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 
  • Schedule Changes and Inactivity: Our work schedules can change for many reasons like weather, traffic, and problems with equipment. 
  • Emergency: In case of a sewer backup or basement flooding emergency, contact City Maintenance at 503-823-1700, press 1, and give them the project number E10941. The hotline is staffed all hours and all days.
  • Translations: For translated material about what to expect during construction, please visit http://www.portlandoregon.gov/bes/constructionimpacts.

We Want to Hear from You

Please let us know if you have a concern or question about this project. Be sure to include your name, property address, and project name (Hillsdale Crest) in your voicemail and email so we can provide you more details about what to expect in front of your property. Also, please write “Hillsdale Crest” in the subject line of your email.

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