Elk Rock Pump Station Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Service is designing a project to upgrade the 40-year-old Elk Rock Pump Station, located at the end of S Riverwood Road. Increased pumping capacity will accommodate future demands on the sewer system. Improved reliability and safety will protect public health and the environment.
Design will continue for two years. Construction is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2024.
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Project Area

Elk Rock Pump Station map

What's Happening Now

Survey and Soil Sampling

Starting in early February, crews will be locating utilities, surveying, and taking soil samples on and near the pump station. They will be drilling small holes in the ground to collect soil and rock samples to help the design engineers understand conditions that crews may encounter during construction. Please visit Pre-Construction Activities for more information about activities that occur before the construction can take place.

Project Background

The Elk Rock Pump Station collects sewage and stormwater from neighboring properties and from two smaller pump stations in the area. It then pumps those combined flows to the Tryon Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The pump station is operated and maintained by the City of Portland and also serves Dunthorpe Riverdale Service District.  

Since the pump station was built in 1981, the City has constructed a number of upgrades, including rebuilding the pumps in 2002 and general site upgrades for maintenance access and safety. This new upgrade project will make additional improvements.

Pump Station Improvements

While the pump station structure will largely remain unchanged, proposed improvements to the pumping system include the following:

  • Upgrade the storage capacity at the pump station to meet current standards.
  • Install a temporary bypass pumping system to help contain heavy flows from overflowing into the Willamette River.
  • Replace all mechanical, electrical, and control equipment and systems.
  • Provide seismic upgrades that meet the City’s resiliency requirements.
  • Replace the existing pumps with wetwell submersible pumps and a flow meter.
  • Install a ventilation system and provisions for future odor controls.
  • Improve access and safety for operations and maintenance staff.

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