Council Crest Sewer and Stormwater Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Services is in the planning phases of a project in the Hillsdale and SW Hills Neighborhoods, just south of Council Crest. The project will repair aging public sewer pipes, improve stormwater management, and support healthy habitat.
This project is in the early planning phase. Design for the project will likely not begin until 2022. Construction is not expected until 2023 or later.
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Stormwater and ground water can enter sanitary sewers through roof drains, basement floor drains, foundation drains, basement sump pumps, driveway drains, cracked sewer laterals, or cracked sewer mains. By repairing existing pipes and more effectively managing stormwater, this project will help keep stormwater and groundwater out of the system, while safely carrying sanitary sewage to the treatment plant. 

Project Area

What's Happening Now

Environmental Services is in the planning phases of this project. You may see crews in the area surveying, inspecting culverts and pipes using CCTV cameras, and marking utility locations with paint and flags. It is important to inspect stormwater infrastructure during wetter times of the year so that crews can evaluate how the facilities are working. 

Currently, we are working with a number of property owners to conduct "dye testing."  Dye testing is a process where a dye pack is inserted in to your gutter downspouts.  We then use a camera inside the nearby sewer main to look for dye entering the sewers.  This helps us determine where (and if) gutters and downspouts are connected to the public sewer.  We are currently working to obtain permission to enter approximately 150 properties in the area to conduct these tests.  Please watch your mailbox for a letter if you live in the project area.

Most information-gathering activities during this project will occur in the public right-of-way. Some surveying and inspection will occur where the city has public sewer easements on private property, or on private property where there are no easements in place. City outreach staff will coordinate with affected property owners for access to private property for inspection and survey purposes. 

You may see paint markings, stakes, and small flags in the ground identifying the locations of utilities and sewer and/or stormwater infrastructure.  Different marking colors identify the types of utilities that have been located.  If you are interested in learning more about what each color means, or for more information on the survey and inspection process, please visit

We Want to Hear from You

We would like to hear from you about special events, school activities, and community services in your neighborhood you think may be impacted by this project. Also, we want to know if you have any concerns related to business operations, disability or mobility issues, medical or business deliveries, and proposed night work. Your input will help us minimize the impact to your neighborhood during construction.  

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