Arbor Lodge–Kenton Sewer Project

Sewer and Stormwater
Environmental Services completed a project in the Arbor Lodge-Kenton Neighborhood area to repair over two miles of public sewer pipe. Having provided over 85 years of service on average, the pipes required repairs to maintain reliable sewer service and protect public health and the environment.
The Arbor Lodge - Kenton project was completed in January 2022.
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Project Area

This project constructed sewer improvements in multiple locations within the Arbor Lodge, Kenton, and Portsmouth neighborhoods. The map below illustrates where construction occurred, and which construction method was used at each location.  The map also indicates where evening and overnight construction occurred.

Project is Completed 

Project Accomplishments

By coordinating with property owners and residents in the project area, Environmental Services completed the following work:

  • Inspected and repaired 15,400 feet of mainline public sewer pipes.
  • Cleared roots and flushed debris from 14,400 feet of public sewer pipes.
  • Inspected and repaired or replaced 26 maintenance access holes.
  • Investigated and repaired 3,100 feet of public sewer service laterals.
  • Installed 75 service lateral cleanouts to provide bypass sewer service during the pipe lining process and to provide access for future sewer maintenance activities.

A Note of Appreciation

On behalf of the project team, we’d like to express special appreciation to all of our Arbor Lodge, Kenton, and Portsmouth neighbors. We know that construction was disruptive - especially over the past 17 months during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that many households and families have been homebound during the pandemic and that the daily construction noise, vibration, and general disruption were probably more difficult to cope with than in normal times. Thanks for bearing with us, and thank you especially for working with us to help keep crews and our community safe.

Construction Methods

The contractor will used several construction methods to complete sewer and stormwater improvements. Some will require digging trenches. Others will replace pipes through manholes or access pits to reduce surface disruption. 

  • Open Trench Excavation: The contractor excavates a trench, installs a new pipe, fills in the trench and restores the disturbed pavement. 

  • Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining (CIPP): Through a manhole, the contractor inserts a flexible liner into the old pipe. The liner hardens, creating a new interior lining. You may smell an odor like plastic or glue during this process from the liner resin. 

  • Pipe Bursting : The contractor pushes a bursting head into the sewer line to break apart the old pipe while pulling a new pipe into place behind it. 

See the map above for the construction method at each location.