Environmental Services AutoCAD Files for Sewer, Stormwater, and Watershed Projects

The CAD tools and templates found on this page are intended for use with sewer, stormwater, and watershed restoration capital improvement projects for the City of Portland. These templates and tools are maintained by Environmental Services.
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Starting July 15, 2023, the CADD design software version used for Environmental Services projects is AutoCAD Civil 3D 2024. All styles and templates are updated to this version.

General Instructions

1. When starting a project, always download the most recent Environmental Services AutoCAD Drawing template and tools from this page.

2. Coordinates: All Environmental Services CAD drawings (including reference drawings) shall be drawn using the Oregon Coordinate Reference System (OCRS) Portland Zone, based on Lambert Conformal Conic projection (single parallel) North American Datum of 1983. Vertical datum shall be City of Portland Datum.

  • Label “CITY OF PORTLAND DATUM AND OCRS PORTLAND ZONE” in the lower right corner of the cover sheet.
  • Keep drawing coordinates to the Oregon Coordinate Reference System, Portland Zone,  NAD83, International Feet.
  • Provide survey cogo points in a separate text file.

3. All drawings (including reference drawings) shall be drawn with units as feet, not inches.

4. Attach all reference drawings as “overlays,” not “attachments.”

5. In addition to typical topographic features and utilities, the following must be included in each base map or GIS reference drawing:

  • Building Outlines
  • Street Addresses
  • Parcel Lines
  • Right-of-Way (ROW) Lines
  • Curb Lines

6. Don't use any other fonts other than those provided in the most recent Environmental Services AutoCAD template and tools files.

7. Make sure you have the AutoCAD system variable PDFSHX=0 to avoid (upon plotting) creating comments from the text in the pdf.

Consultant-led CIP Designs Instructions

Contact the Environmental Services AutoCAD Coordinator to request the latest base map for your project. Contact information is on this page.

Required Information

  • Project name and number
  • Project scope (MH to MH runs, MH IDs, street intersections, waterways, or any other easily identifiable asset) to define the map's extent.
  • Scale at which the project's design will be shown on the C sheets.
  • Due date for base map delivery (please give at least 1 week notice).

Copy your project manager and Environmental Services project manager in your correspondence to avoid duplicate requests.


When initialing title blocks on CAD plans, consultant staff apply initials to the Designed By, Drawn By, and Checked By areas. (See below)

Initials can be applied in the attributes of the Environmental Services title block. We suggest consultants to use the sheet set manager template provided on this page for automatic filling of those fields. The appropriate City staff will initial the other areas.

For Engineer of Record seals, the Engineer of Record will digitally sign each occurrence of their stamp. DocuSign has been adopted by the City of Portland for capturing digital signatures to comply with OSBEELS guidance on seals. In most cases the City will initiate the DocuSign routing process for plans.

Graphic shows a table for approval signatures on an engineering drawing. Designed by, drawn by, and checked by are highlighted for emphasis.

Library of Tools and Templates

Download the newest tools and templates at the start of every project to make sure you are working with the latest standards.

AutoCAD Drawing Templates

AutoCAD Sample Drawings

Cover Sheets

  • Sample Cover Sheet Single (pdf)
  • Sample Cover Sheet Double (pdf)

Plan and Profile Sheets

  • Sample Plan – Profile (pdf)
  • Sample Plan Storm Facility (pdf)
  • Sample Plan Storm Facility Key Map (pdf)
  • Sample Plan Stream (pdf)
  • Sample Plan Prof Stream (pdf)

Erosion Control Sheets

  • Sample Erosion Stream (pdf)
  • Sample Erosion Sewer (pdf)

Detail Sheets

  • Sample Detail Sewer (pdf)
  • Sample Detail Storm Facility (pdf)
  • Sample Detail Stream (pdf)

Sample Sewer Location Map (pdf)

BES Abbreviations, Legend, and Notes

These documents are also contained in the BES Design Template as table styles.

  • BES Abbreviations (dwg)
  • BES Legend (dwg)
  • Construction and Design Notes (docx)
  • Design Criteria and Assumptions (docx)
  • Erosion Control Notes (docx)
  • General Notes (docx)

BES Blocks

The majority of the blocks are dynamic. They have visibility states, move and rotate parameters, etc. Please explore all the possibilities these blocks offer.

BES Custom Linetypes

  • Linetypes (lin) – Linetype library
  • Multi-lines (min) – Multi-line styles for lines with offsets such as railroads

BES Layers and Layer Filters

  • Layers (las) – Load into Layer Manager to access BES layers
  • Layer Filters (lft) – Load filters to help manage the layers. Filters include existing, proposed, and general conditions

BES Plot Styles and Settings

  • BES_HALF (ctb) – For plotting 11x17 inch format sheets
  • BES_FULL (ctb) – For plotting 22x34 inch format sheets
  • Draft Stamp(pss) – Plot stamp for 22x34 inch plans at all milestones except the final plot
  • Plot Table (pdf) – Pen weight standards for BES work

BES Sheet Set

Use the Sheet Set Manager (dst) when starting a new sheet set. Standard and custom properties in Sheet Set Manager push the information into the fields created in the BES title blocks.

BES Title Blocks

Insert in paper space of drawing, at location 0,0. The title blocks contain fields to be managed by the Sheet Set Manager.

CAD Standards and Guidelines

  • BES CADD Manual for Sewer and Stormwater Projects
  • Accepted Conventions – Preparing Project Plans
  • BES CAD Checklist
  • BES CAD Standards and Guidelines
  • CADD Layer Naming Protocols
  • Instructions: How to use the new sewer laterals table
  • Instructions: How to Create a Maintenance Hole Detail
  • Instructions: Preparing signing and striping plans
  • Project Layout and North Arrow
  • Standard: Project Naming Procedure (pdf)

Pipes Catalog

Contains the Civil 3D 2024 pipe catalog with custom part sizes and materials. Downloadthe folder at a location of your choosing. Set the Pipe Network Catalog in AutoCAD to point at the location you specified.


AutoCAD Tech — Sewer, Stormwater, and Watershed Restoration

Dan Perde-Zundel
dan.perde@portlandoregon.govFor standards, templates, and questions regarding AutoCAD materials for sewer, stormwater, and watershed restoration projects.

AutoCAD Tech — Wastewater Treatment and Pumping Systems Projects

John Ransone
john.ransone@portlandoregon.govFor CAD support on wastewater treatment and pumping systems projects including CAD/BIM standards, templates, and seed files.

AutoCAD – Public Works

Public Works Permitting
phone number503-823-1987For standards, templates, plan content, and questions regarding AutoCAD materials for public works permit projects related to private development projects.