Portland Harbor Community Grant Selection Criteria

Learn about the selection criteria and process to evaluate Portland Harbor Community Grant applications.
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Selection Criteria

The Portland Harbor Community Grants Review Committee will evaluate applications using the criteria and considerations described below. The Portland Harbor team will facilitate this process. The committee will determine who receives grant funds based on their evaluations, conversations with selected applicants, and a consensus-based deliberation process.

For a detailed rubric of the selection criteria, please view or download the following document.

Proposal alignment: The proposal aligns with the grant program goal to support meaningful participation, particularly for communities disproportionately affected by the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup and contamination.

Leadership and involvement: The proposed efforts are led by communities disproportionately affected by the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup and contamination.

Benefits: The communities disproportionately affected by the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup and contamination benefit from the activities, project, or program, and there is a clear definition of those benefits.

Proposal structure: The proposed activities, milestones, outcomes, impacts, and timeline are achievable and align with grant program goals.

Metrics and assessment: The proposal clearly describes how the activities, project, or program's outcomes or impacts will be assessed. 

Involvement with the Portland Harbor Fish Advisory Education and Outreach Program: Applicants with previous or existing involvement with Multnomah County Health Department (MCHD) on the Portland Harbor Fish Advisory Education and Outreach Program are eligible for additional points.

Feasibility: The proposed work appears feasible within the grant timeframe.

Portland Harbor Collaborative Group membership: The applicant is a Portland Harbor Collaborative Group member, is actively engaged, or has expressed commitment to join the Portland Harbor Collaborative Group.

Budget: Expenses are clear, descriptive, and align with the activities, project, or program’s goals.

About the Panel

The review panel for Portland Harbor Community Grants will include diverse community and government representatives who will contribute their knowledge, experiences, and expertise related to affected communities, environmental justice, the Portland Harbor Superfund, community involvement, equitable grantmaking, and environmental remediation.

Community members will make up the majority of panelists on the 10-15 person committee. Government representatives will be from Environmental Services, City of Portland’s Office of Tribal Relations, Multnomah County Health Department, and Metro. The review panel will review and score applications based on the selection criteria outlined on this page. The maximum score possible for an application is 30 points.

Additional considerations will include:

  1. How proposals complement each other to accomplish grant program goals and objectives
  2. Equitable representation of affected communities
  3. Demonstration of collaboration among eligible entities
  4. Increases participation of communities disproportionately affected by the contamination and cleanup that are underrepresented in the process

The Portland Harbor program is actively recruiting community members to serve on the review panel. To learn more information and submit and interest form, visit the Grant Review Committee page.