Percent for Green Approval and Project Implementation

Congratulations! Your project has been selected to receive Percent for Green support. Find out more about what to do during project implementation and completion.
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After the Grant Coordinator has notified you that your project was selected, please be aware that processing of the contract or agreement can take several months before you can begin any work.

Project Implementation

Terms and Conditions

If approved, the project coordinator and/or fiscal agent will receive a contract that sets out the terms and conditions of the funding. This contract confirms all parties’ understanding of the project and establishes the scope of the work and the maximum amount to which the applicant is entitled.

Reporting Requirements

Project coordinators are expected to regularly check in with Grant Coordinator throughout the course of their projects.

Recipients will be required to submit a final report and a D/M/W/ESB/SDVBE contracting report.

Payment of Funds

Funds are available after your agreement with the City is finalized (signed by all parties). 

To request payment, fiscal agents must submit invoices and copies of receipts for approved budget items. Grantees must have the ability to make purchases up-front, with the understanding that reimbursement will come 30 days after the city receives an invoice. 

Project Completion and Final Report

Upon completion of your project, the project coordinator must submit a final report to the Grant Coordinator. Below is an overview of the type of information included in the final report.

  • Project statistics
  • Project summary
  • Project design and benefits
  • Budget summary
  • Successes and lessons learned
  • Images and plans of the project


Percent for Green Grant Coordinator

Colleen Mitchell
phone number503-865-6589For questions about your project, the Percent for Green grant program, or the application process